Sunday, July 13, 2008

Poetry Sunday

I thought maybe I'd make Sundays for sharing my poetry.

The Secret Garden

Bellflower bluebells bask in the meadow.

Thorny thistles lie in the ghetto.

Dancing dandelions run in the field.

Wilting wallflower sanity's shield.

Irreverent iris' play in the soil.

Wacky weeds burst without toil.

Victorious violets vie for attention.

Wanton will weakens perception.

Lilting lilies leap from the earth.

Doting daisies demand rebirth.

Panicky pansies parallel pleasure.

Lust is lost amid the treasure.

Rambling roses the trellis awaits.

A graceful gardenia gallantly gaits.

Towering tulips taunt the path.

Inner search sweltering wrath.

Ornate orchids ogle the sun.

Perpetual petunias pause for fun.

Dainty daffodils dally in the garden.

Fallacy feigns my heart to harden.

Lovely lotus lavishly stands.

Brilliantly born of my own hands.

Intricately intimate my mind can create.

Bellowing blossoms in a garden of hate.

Behold the beauty of which I told.

Hidden meaning the garden does hold.

For every drop of rain that pours.

Poison purity; the choice is yours.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely, Joni.

I came by yesterday but didn't have time to leave a message. I'm gutting my basement. It's filthy down there.

This was nice to read after a shower and a soda.


June said...

Dear Mistress Poet,

What lovely and powerful words you sow!

I love this!

Take care,

joni said...

Ahh my fans love my muse!

I hope you'll like poetry Sunday. It kind of gives me a break and I get to share all my poetry with y'all. :-)

And Mistress oet loves sharing her poetry. :-)

Thank You both for being my biggest fans!