Sunday, May 24, 2009

Poetry Sunday

Fall from Grace

Father, Father what have I done?
Seems I have strayed from number One.
Faltered, faltered where do I turn?
Save me from this hellfire’s burn.

Sheltered, sheltered, my broken soul.
Once on top I was fully whole.
Fallen, fallen from empty space.
Wiping the teardrops from my face

Hear me, hear me, my fervent cries.
Please take this sadness from my eyes.
I beg thee, beg thee, to free this sin.
Unleash my pain so I may win.

Take me, take me for I have strayed.
Forgive the choices I have made.
Save me, save me, this shallow hue.
Free my soul to begin anew.


Jackie said...

A beautiful poem! Thanks for the inspiration and reminder of the emptiness of our souls without God's grace.

Raven said...


It's good to be reminded that we all need to ask for an "edit" now and again. lol. I bet the slush pile up in heaven is overflowing with writers seeking a little inspiration and a lot of revision.

Beautiful, Joni.


joni said...

Hi Jackie,
I do love poetry almost as much as I love writing. ha ha :-)

Thank you for your kind words and I'll do my best to keep inspiring.

So God has a slush pile? I think I've taken up all the room. :-)

:::waves to Raven:::