Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Talk-o Tuesday

Exodus 24:7 And he took the book of the covenant, and read in the audience of the people: and they said, All that the LORD hath said will we do, and be obedient.
Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve had talk-o Tuesday hasn’t it. I never really have much to say about the audio book industry, that is until now.

My beau, who is blind, has done a major shake up at his Reviews in the Deep audio book blog. He decided to change the name, join affiliates, and I must say, he is up for the challenge that this new blog presents to him.

He is an avid reader of books, or should I say, he was an avid reader until he went blind. Now the audio book has taken on new meaning for him. He listens intently to every story, carries his MP3 player everywhere and I do believe he has listened to almost as many books as he ever read. That can’t be true because he has read thousands in his lifetime.

He reviews the audio book with finesse. Sure you can say, great book, but he has a different spin that other book reviewers just haven’t tapped into. They are not blind, so they review from what they see, while he reviews from what he hears.

Critical Mass Media is still in the building stages, but he is well on his way to such a wonderful piece of work in this blogging world, I felt it warranted its very own post. He gives the crux of the story without giving you the pivotal climax away. He is honest in his reviews too. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll let you know why it didn’t work for him but really he leaves it up to you to decide.

Apparently narration is everything in an audio book . He gives you the run down on the narrator and where warranted, he even gives you some background history of the narrator. There’s a duration of the book being reviewed also, abridged or unabridged version. Don’t you want to know if you’re going to want to invest 3 hours or ten hours in an audio book?

As a writer, I think audio book format is important because now I know that a bad narrator can ruin all my hard work, whereas a good narrator can lend to the work. Important things to think about as a writer.

Now what are you going to do next? I know, click the link Critical Mass Media, and peek in on the blog. Who doesn’t like a thumbs up or thumbs down on this journey? Maybe post a comment or two, read through some favorites such as The Shining, The Green Mile, or the wonderful book, Seven People You meet in Heaven. He has a variety of books already reviewed, so give him a click!  You won’t be sorry and you might even thank me for the info.


June said...

Hi Joni,

I went to Critical Mass Media, read, and posted a comment.

Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us.

Take care,

Ro said...

You know, I'm already thinking about who I want to narrate my audio book. I'm also taking the audio book into consideration when I think about how to format my book. There are several books I've listened to that were narrated by the author, and they were plain awful. Some I didn't even finish. So I'm definitely going to be careful about my audio book if I ever write this novel swimming around in my head haha! Oh, and can an author refuse to have their work abridged? I absolutely do not want my book abridged.