Sunday, May 27, 2012

Poetry Sunday ~ Intricate Flower

Intricate Flower

The blossoms seem to surface
when out of the weary cold
they spring to bountiful life
 the fragrance ever so bold.

Gathered round the stalk so true
the petal forms a flower
to stand among the crowd
to watch each passing hour.

The intricate life of the blade
the receptacle is a home.
for growth through each bud,
the soil soft silken loam.

My life is like the bloom
that slowly unfolds to be.
I rise and stretch each morn
release the soul of me.


Mani Kumar said...

Beautiful I must say. I like your poetry. Keep writing. :)
I have tried my hand at poetry too. I would be very happy if you go through it and leave a few comments. your feedback would really be appreciated.

Melody Lowes said...

Beautiful image and words to match!

joni said...

Thank you Mani. I went to y our site and found no poems. But it was a good read.

Thanks Melody! :)

Thanks for visiting!