Friday, September 14, 2012

Back in the Saddle

Matt: 16:14 For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you:

Well I have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that I’ve decided to come back to my writing blog to teach you what I know of writing. With many of my friends encouraging me to continue and much support of my friends edging me forward into this writing journey I’m on, I felt it was time to jump back in and write.

The bad news, well there really isn’t any bad news. My coming back is a good thing and will be beneficial to you all.

My first step to getting back in the saddle was a long break from the writing sites that I was affiliated with, f2k and WVU. I’ve slowly backed away, I paused, prayed, and a lot of meditation and thought went into my return.

The second step was forgiveness. A cleansing of my spirit washed over me. I cleaned the darkened slate and forgave all of those that did me wrong, attacked and immaturely took some kind of firm stance in getting me out of their way. What they didn’t take into consideration was my strong faith that would forgive them. Sure I was knocked down and dragged through the mud, all for my right to Freedom of Speech?

What I say on my blog, is a part of me exercising that right and I never name a soul, without their permission, and never in any way mean malice to anyone. Have you ever read a book or short story, and in between the covers, saw you, in one of the characters? Well did that writer know you personally? No, you just FELT that it was you. A good writer can make you feel that way. That is exactly what got me into the bad karma, if you will, of these people.

As I said, their immaturity left them no one else to hate because my words, seemed to be aimed at them, but they never asked, they just assumed. I forgive you, now I move on into a better place and am taking back the reigns of who I am as a person, a writer who will continue to write, with no specific people or persons in mind, but if you see YOU in my words, then I’ve accomplished my goal of being a doggone prolific writer.

What a better world this would be if people really understood the act of forgiveness. It is not just a word, it is something you feel within for someone who has done you wrong. You move on, not holding the remembrance of pain and anguish they caused you, over their heads. Imagine a world where people forgave one another and moved on. Is that possible in the dark days in front of us? I believe with my whole heart and all my faith, that forgiveness IS divine!

My heart bleeds for those who don’t know forgiveness because their souls are wrought with guilt and shame, pain and illness claws at their bodies unwilling to let go; gnawing at their being is hatred just waiting to spew at anyone who does them wrong or doesn’t fit into their circle. Is that YOU?

So as I get back in the saddle and move on, I have healed, my illness is behind me, not defining me. I am embracing the writing world once again. Because in no way has writing turned its back on me!


M. SUE said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome back!
I am so thankful!
As I read this post I felt it important to mention that I believe I know you not only quite well, but VERY well, Joni. Having joined WVU because of your leading and introducing me to it, I also know many of the folks there. Over the course of all this unsettling time, I have yet to get even one inkling of exactly WHO were/are the one(s) involved in what obviously have caused you to, even for a time, consider quitting this blog. I haven't asked WHO, because that is not in my character; I do not live on a need-to-know basis. You haven't offered WHO because your character is such that you wouldn't wish to taint my friendship with anyone and it's likely I am still at least FB friends with them, though I left WVU long before any of this began.
Like cream, you have risen to the top, Joni! Continue to do so. You are good in so many ways!
Again, welcome back!
Always with loving thoughts ~
"Auntie" Sue

benning said...

"I'm back in the saddle again

Out where a friend is a friend

Where the longhorn cattle feed

On the lowly gypsum weed

Back in the saddle again ..."

Welcome back Writer. :D

Tiggs said...

I am so glad you are back. I started in F2K and WVU cuz of Deb, but your encouragement was why I stayed--you have been missed, my friend.

NurseArtist said...

Welcome back. You've been missed. Let the judges be judged, and the sinners be forgiven, and let the world have everlasting peace. Keep writing. You've been an inspiration to many.

joni said...

@ Sue --- Thank you. You have been a rock. I have friend requested 'them' and while some accepted my request, no questions, 'others' refuse. Their character speaks volumes about 'them', while yes, mine speaks for itself! :)

@Ben --Thanks cowboy!

@Tiggs -- My goal is to welcome all into the writing fold NOT discourage! Thank you for being a rock solid friend!

@Dixie -- I know it is not possible for the WORLD to have everlasting peace, but my soul now sits content, and at peace.
The owner of the sites called me, asked if I wanted to mentor this session. I said, "I'm good and at peace." THIS is where I am at. :)
'They' have their own conscious to live with.
Thanks Nursie for being a longstanding friend, who cares!

Thank you ALL! <3 and hugs!!!