Thursday, June 29, 2017

My Arsenal

Rom. 14:3 "Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him which eateth not judge him that eateth: for God hath received him."

The Arsenal

I went to the doctor to have what I thought was just a cyst in my breast checked out. With my age and all that I had read up to that point, led me to believe it wasn’t serious. I didn’t want to read too much into it so as not to become paranoid.

Here’s how it happened. By physical inspection, I was told it was ‘the Big C’. After three, to me unnecessary tests, the mammogram, the CT scan, and a biopsy, I was diagnosed with what people deem, ‘The Death Sentence’ disease. I guess to doctors, the supposed brains of a diagnosis, one blood test would not confirm the certainty of what I had, so I needed to have those three radiation/chemical testings done! I was in an extremely weakened state that morning and they could have shipped me right to surgery and I would not have had the strength to resist their demands. I would have been in even deeper debt than I am because of those tests, and much worse off than I am today.

I knew what I didn’t want to do immediately from experience of the MANY deaths in my family from the C and that was, I did not want to go near the slice and dice, radiate and kill method. Front and center in my mind, besides an overflow of a river of tears, there was NO WAY was I going that route.  

I began immediately searching the net. I went onto facebook, my family account, and reached out to my niece who I knew was into holistic healing. She is a Reiki Specialist and has gone to college to further her knowledge in that field. I told her my plan and she immediately put me in touch with Alternative Healing Groups that she herself was a part of to further her understanding. I surrounded myself with like-minded individuals that are going through the same thing.

I tolerated the two oncologists visits that weakened me, broke me, shattered everything I had built up, they tore down. I fled from them as a Christian wards off satan, like a dog shakes off the water, I closed the doctors out of my mind and kept them from touching my body.

I knew my first line of defense would be supplements. I needed strong ones that were going to go right to the cell and begin destroying the poisons that they already put in me, I needed it quick, I needed it now! One of the very first posts I stumbled on was Chris Beat Cancer after that was The Truth About Cancer, two very powerful tools in themselves in the fight against this! 

Three supplements kept popping up and that was Selenium, turmeric and black pepper, and Curcumin. I went to the Health Food Store and purchased an expensive dose of healing tools to begin my fight. I was now relinquished to becoming a warrior going off to battle in a mere matter of days! 

I had on the armor of God, which was my first line of defense. I had many of my friends who were there with their support of whatever I chose. My niece flew into action and started a Fund Raiser for me to help with the purchase of my supplements and organic food route, I was now well on my way to healing after those two doctor visits. The doctors used fear and encouraged the slice/dice/radiate me method over ANYTHING healthy. I chose LIFE!

EVERYTHING else, science, truth, and support led me to many healing supplements, and also numerous healthy foods that I would need and could use to take on this battle with me. This is where I was being led from day two of my diagnosis. I believed it could be done, I found scientific PROOF that it could very well be done, and my God assured me He would be there every step of the way. That is of vital importance here. 

Your spiritual mindset is what will guide you. Some choose the slice/dice/ radiate method and God walks with them also. He will NOT make the decision for you on what you should or shouldn’t do but He WILL support you every step of the way no matter what you choose. I have to make that clear because not everyone chooses the route I’m taking, and that is okay, for THEM.

I have found hundreds, if not thousands of testimonies of healing through alternative methods. I did not come to this decision lightly, a lot of prayer and meditation ensued in the following days after the diagnosis but I knew what I wanted and what I definitely didn’t want.

Here is my arsenal thus far. Remember, everything that went into my mouth was the first swift change. No sugar and no carbohydrates or processed food, no dairy and no meat. Deep spiritual prayer, hourly holy meditation, and physical change were first and foremost in the fight.

Note: While I’ve listed three links, I have done 5 months of research and three links per vitamin are the MINIMAL amount of links I used in setting up my arsenal! If one of the links don't work, copy/paste into your browser and appreciate all my hard work in putting this together for you. 
I’m still learning as I go, so this is just the beginning. Judge if you wish. 

*Selenium – Selenium, Quercetin, Turmeric, Boswellia need to be taken together 




*Ginger root – too many links to list!!

*Green Tea CR – again, too many to link to.

*Turmeric Black Pepper – The dynamic duo of herbal treatment

*B Stress Complex – I’ve been taking this for four years to help with my arthritis problems


*Oregano Oil – too many links to post

*Vitamin D3 (Vit. D3. magnesium, and milk thistle is taken together pack a powerful punch)


*Milk Thistle

*Dandelion root – For immune system and inflammation (also a natural diuretic)



*Aloe Vera

*Echinacea/Myrrh Gum


*Apple Cider Vinegar

Vitamin C (5,000 mg)

*Iodine – two hours before or two hours AFTER Vit. C

*Garlic tabs and cloves of garlic!

And all the fruit and vegetables I can eat!
(newly added)

*BlackStrap Molasses w/ Iron (supplement form)

*14 mushroom complex

This should be it for a while. I also read that after a year of use, the body builds its own immunity to each one. After a year I’ll switch up the herbal supplements but keep the vitamin intake. For those who say this is too many vitamin/herbal supplements, I watched a video of a woman who is now twelve years cancer free after her diagnosis of only months to live. She went holistic and saved herself! She was at 97 vitamins and supplements a day! She’s ALIVE! There are NUMEROUS testimonials to these FACTS! Too many to ignore but the doctors and the Big Pharma will fight you every step of the way as you venture on HEALTHY living. 

It’s funny, people will judge what I’m doing to SAVE my life, but they never judge the very things that they do, like unhealthy eating habits, that are going to END their life. Hmm…go figure.


10 Cancer fighting phytonutrients


NurseArtist said...

Joni, you know I wish you a very long happy life. Being a nurse trained in the dice and slice methods, I am very curious as to how your tumor is doing. Have you had it checked since you started this routine? I think it would be awesome if you could go back and find out your tumor has disappeared!

What a wondrous victory for God that would be! Keep on Keepin' on! We'll be your cheerleaders.

Go Joni! Go Joni! Go Joni! Yay!!!

joni said...

Thanks, Dixie.

I'm still searching for a doctor to work with me. It's not easy in a small town. :/

When I was diagnosed, 5 months ago, my lymph nodes were very obvious, two of them, very painful. They are gone and no pain at all, breast or nodes, tells me something is working.

God is the Master Healer and I see complete healing on my horizon. <3 <3 <3

Thank you for your continued support. It means the world to me.

benning said...

*shaking head, mournfully* No bacon. :( *sigh* You poor, poor thang. :(

Hehehee! Carry on, Toots! It seems to be making you feel far better than you did. So whatever these things are doing, making you feel good is a side-effect, and a very good one, too! :D

*HUGS!* <3 :D

joni said...

I never really liked bacon anyway, or chocolate, *ducks* or beef for that matter, member? You always teased me and said something was wrong with me! lol shut up, I heard that! :P

Feeling GREAT! If that's the side effect, I'm all for it! This is the best I've felt in years... and lighter too. *bonus*

*hugs* <3 <3 <3 :D

Heather said...

Great list and resources! I have many on my regular supplement list. Thanks for the work you're doing to keep us informed, it would be real easy for you to just keep it all to yourself. You're awesome!

joni said...

Thanks, Heather. This is all documentation for my book. I have to see where I was and how far I've come and the finished product. :)

Glad you're here on the journey with me. <3