Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Are YOU trying to Sell Me?

What Are You Trying to Sell Me???

Scene 1:
Into the elevator full of businessmen, she steps, turns and faces the closing doors. Proceeds to raise her shirt over her head. Unzips her skirt, it falls to the floor. She pulls the tie OUT of her hair and it falls down in a wave of unscathed curls. The doors open and she steps out in a gym bra, and biker shorts. Steps into an awaiting car.
What is this commercial trying to sell? Hair- conditioner? Tennis shoes? Diet pills?
Scene 2:
She stands next to a volley-ball net. In the dark, in the pouring down rain and all she is wearing is a thong, and a gym bra.
What is this commercial trying to sell? Sporting wear? Volley-balls?
Scene 3:
She is half- naked spread across a car with suds and water. Washing the car with a burger in her hand, in full make-up and not a hair out of place. She continues to wash the car in an alluring fashion, chomping sloppily on the burger.
What is SHE trying to sell???
All of these are advertisements on television for everyone to see. Including my son. Your children are being exposed to this kind of provocative behavior on a daily basis and are being brainwashed into beliving it is normal behavior! It either has a negative affect, or well, a negative affect.
I think advertisers should think of the target audience to which they are trying to sell these products.
In scene one they are trying to sell me, a mother, their car! Well they lose THAT sale!
In scene two, they are trying to sell me a refreshing drink? You lost me on that sale too.
And in scene three, they were trying to sell me a place to take my kids for burgers? BIG loser! (they pulled the ads due to an outraged society)
I am asking you, the everyday citizen, wouldn’t you be more apt to buy a product with REAL people doing the selling? We live in an overweight society, but NOTHING is being sold to us from overweight or even the slightly overweight people! Heck I’ll take NORMAL looking people gracing the screen for once!
Skinny models are selling our clothes, our jeans and even our diets are being pushed by SKINNY people!
The purchasing public is not a skinny population!
It will take an outraged society to wake up the advertisers. They listen when we buy and when we DON’T buy! And we’re BUYING into what they’re selling! Falsity!
Freedom of speech does not mean to expose your half-naked body for the world to see. Speech you do with your MOUTH! And we as a society need to speak out against being taken in.
Maybe you like being na├»ve and sucked in by lies and deciet in, but me…I just switch off the television.