Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Self-Publishing Post

"Write without pay until somebody offers to pay." Mark Twain

Boy I do read a lot about Self-Publishing now, don’t I? Did you ever notice, if you google something, all day long or week for that matter, you will find yourself stumbling on the same thing over and over? Or you’ll run into a post of the same nature, just by chance?

After my wholeheartedly post on the self-pub industry, I by chance ran into this blog post that shed new light on the subject. Very well written and masterfully crafted on the subject matter of the self-publishing industry. Is it for you? Or not for you?  This blog post really spells it out for you, whether it is something you’d be interested in or not.

Marketing tool

I think I gave my opinion and all I thought of the industry, and I sure hope my words or Jane’s words steer you in the right direction. In this very unstable economy, throwing money away is truly not an option unless your Bill Gates, which I’m  certain he is not reading this and throwing money out the window as I write. Even though he has the funds to self publish, he also has a NAME that is known, and publishers will publish his work, even at a risk of it being a flop, just because the name Gates carries weight with it.

That is another thing to think about. Have you already established a name for yourself and are you well known enough that if you did go the self publishing route, would you be a recognized name? Can you mass market yourself? Even the publishing industry thinks of these things before they take you on, and thus the reason many writers take on a pen name. I’ve thought of using a pen name, just so people won’t recognize me, but my personality is such a unique one that many who know me recognize my style right away!

I’ve seen prices as cheap as $2.94 a copy, to $395 and is spit out in six weeks! Is this for you? Are you that confident in your writing and that loose and free with funds that you’re willing to take the risk?

Many links within the link below will give you even more material to wade on through like ducks on a pond. Just dip your head in and go, that’s what I say. Do your research thoroughly before handing out one red cent! You owe it to you, to be that precise in the path you plan to journey on.
The do’s and don’ts of self publishing, give it a quick read. You’re on your way with all the info, now decide.

Do's and Don't's of self publishing

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