Friday, September 21, 2012

We're here to Learn

Plano, Texas Balloon Festival
I don’t know about you, but my take on life is this, we’re ALL here to learn. I don’t mean scholastically, I mean also mentally, physically, and spiritually.

You cannot move forward, be it writing or whatever endeavor you’re on, if you don’t learn anything from what the experience taught you. You can not go twelve years of school and come out not knowing your ABC’s or what one plus one equals.

From infancy, we're like little robots that are programmed to absorb knowledge and move forward in the life we’ve been blessed with. I say blessed, because from birth we are blessed just by breathing the air. People will always have something negative to say, “Me? I’m not blessed. I’m ______ (poor, crippled, angst filled, mentally challenged, etc etc.) Think about it, everyone has something to say about the hardships in their lives, instead of seeing each individual opportunity as a chance to grow and gain from the hand they’ve been dealt.

As I take off my student cap, toss aside the mentor hat, I embrace what I am, a writer, a blogger, a teacher of one and all, not just a select few of my choosing. How arrogant to spread oneself so thin.

When your ego steps up to bat, and you control who it is you will teach; be choosey in what you will share, be banned for being you, then you have to take the reins and move into a position where you and you alone maintain control of ANY given situation.

Sure there will be little drama freaks who cry out, “Woe, woe. Woe is me. And there will be the control freaks, patting of the head saying, “There, There, it is all under my control.” Save it for the character in the book you're writing, but when I look at you, I don’t want to see a shallow image of a broken feather, I’d much rather see a pillar of strength that I can look up to in this world.

I look around today and see very little in the way of nurtured and in- control souls. I see chaos, whether in the Middle East, or right here at home. Every person is seeking power over someone else, but does little to maintain his or her own habitat of humanity. My friends, power, control or dictatorship is not the route to go.

In writing, you are the master and creator of a character. You breathe life into the character with words, not much different is life. Your character is built by the choice of words you use, or power you wield on other individuals.

Does a dull lifeless character who has really no point in the story sell books? Of course they don’t. When building a character, give them zest, zing, zeal. A lively personality that affects each person he or she comes into contact with throughout the story.

Allow me to share some sage words of advice from a respected writer. (names changed to protect the innocent)

“First, a word picture: our little Toby Dog has a mission every night once darkness falls.  His goal is to get outside to capture a little lizard, to play with it until there is no life left in its tiny body.  There is no reason for his action other than it's simply his nature. He has no need for it for food since his bowl is seldom empty and he is frequently offered treats, so he has pleasantries in his life. He just loves the thrill of the chase, capture, and perhaps the feeling of being in control/ powerful? 
    Are you getting the simile here? It seems there are individuals who have chosen to hone their skills similar to those nightly lizard hunts, only zeroing in on you/me instead. There's no reasonable excuse for their action other than it’s simply become their nature.  They have no need to do it since they have their own gifts of writing ability, and their time and effort could be far better spent uplifting others.  It appears they just love the thrill of browbeating, mistreating, and wreaking all manner of evil allowable within the confines of man's law, for what? Power? Control? Success? (Have any of them brought in any lizards, a.k.a. "successes" lately?)”
Wow! This person is someone I look up to, admire and respect. Great character!

How is your soul and character doing? Learn something here from this life. Build character that people admire and respect, and actually will WANT to read about.


benning said...

I always try to learn something, each danged day. And I usually do! Often it's not much, but every day brings something to digest, something I didn't know before.

Same goes with 'live' characters, or should. If they're real they will also learn. :)

Write On! :D

joni said...

Thanks buddy! You're real and a live character! lol :P