Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

Spring has sprung the time has come,
For the fields to burst alive.
With colors so great it's not to late.
For spring to officially arrive.

The snow has gone, I have no one,
To share this vibrant season.
I feel so strong I break into song,
For no apparent reason.

I have no excuse for spring to seduce,
My heart to rendezvous.
I go into panic, my soul now volcanic.
I'm free to grow and renew!

Copyright ©Joni Zipp

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Soul Harvest

The time is near; the hour nigh,
Moonbeams droop in a blackened sky.
Blazing sun scorches the land.
Earth erupts in a quivering stand.

Encircling us is ravaging hate,
Lust and greed severs our fate.
I sit and watch as lives unravel,
the boulder of strength now merely gravel.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
souls bewildered by mistrust.
Doubt and fear, they give rise;
to muted pleas and mournful cries.

As souls ascend and souls descend,
it is our own that we must mend.
Bringing forth joy, love and peace,
beauty within must never cease.

Firmly tread as the time is here,
to boldly state all we revere.
Harvest of souls its summoning plea.
It's craving you; devouring me.

Come forth and share your wholesome beauty.
Unleash love, as your earthly duty.
Reap what you sow, seek and find.
Then you my friend won't be left behind.

All rights reserved: copyright © joni zipp
picture from Bigstock photography

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Teenage Prostitution

Teenage Prostitution?

Well it looks like my Dallas bashing days are not over yet. (read former posts.) This morning I woke up to watch the morning news and what did I find? Everything I’ve thought Dallas to be since coming here five years ago.

I was born and raised back east and the prospects of coming to such a big state as Texas was intimidating to say the least. I expected the warm southern hospitality that I had heard of, the cowboy’s roaming the ranches, the big buildings etc., etc.

Upon my very first day in Dallas I was smacked in the face with the sleaze. Five years later the sleaze is more prevalent than ever and apparently no one is willing to clean up the mess. Sure the police try but this is going to be one long fight for the police, for the politicians (when they can’t even clean up their own mess!) and for the innocent unheard voices.

There was a prostitution ring bust last evening. Yeah sure, they have them all the time, but this one stood out and is speaking VOLUMES for the way Dallas Texas truly IS! This sleazy prostitution ring was led by a 13 year-old child! She was bringing in girls from her (kindergarten) class to prostitute themselves. (She was considered the madame.)

I was thinking. What on earth was this child thinking? What was the BAR where they were busting these kids thinking? Allowing children to dance then sell themselves to perverts? Oh but that’s right, this is Dallas, the town of smut!

This is the place where mothers ALLOW their teenage girls to stand out on street corners in their bikini’s waving signs that say, ‘FREE CAR WASH’. When the signs are placed appropriately it looks as if the daggone children are NAKED behind those signs.

Is the car wash FREE? Of course not, it is just a sleazy ploy to get perverts to look, pull over, and WATCH these young girls wash the car.(And to 'donate' to charity mind you.) Is this sick or is it just me who believes this is unacceptable? These girls are barely through puberty, and yet they are encouraged to stand on street corners? Businesses allow this type of child perversion because it might draw customers to their business? The almighty dollar wins over morality!

So once again, child molestation (ON ANY LEVEL) is acceptable here!!! Now I know why the women in Dallas wear hardly any clothes. They’re exhibitionist who love to display whatever it is they have and hand the ‘crown’ to younger and younger children. (They’ll claim it’s because it is hotter than hell here.) But I say, no this IS HELL! This is the lair of all demons and the people love it.

Is this what Southern Hospitality is all about?
Picture from the internet

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Time Change!!!

Is your body used to the time change yet? Mine isn’t. My dog isn’t used to it and my school-aged son isn’t adjusting to the new curfew that well either. Sure he gets another hour to play outside, but he still has to come in before the sun sets in the western sky.

What time does the sun set? Well, here in Texas just three weeks ago, the sun was rising about 7:30 and setting at 7:30. But that has since changed in a few short weeks. It now rises about 7ish, setting gracefully about 8ish.

Some people like the longer days, while others dread the long drawn out days. (I’m one of them.) By a simple estimation, I figure by June the sun will rise around 6 AM and will set at 9:30. Is this normal to the human body? Sure I like sunlight but are we coming into an age where we will no longer have nighttime?

I was never for daylight savings time, but I’m so glad that a few voices out there got the little bill passed, giving us longer days and in the process the NEED to over-use our air conditioners. (Longer days mean the longer the sun beads on your roof, heating it intensely, thus the need for longer air-conditioner use.)

Who in their right mind wants extended heat-filled days? What is so ironic is that no one had a choice in the matter. The government sits on their high and mighty horses with nothing better to do but to suck America dry. And that is exactly what the longer days will do, suck the moisture right out of the ground rendering it parched to the core.

The government is playing God, or trying to play Russian roulette with the earth. They say they want to put Global Warming practices into affect but then they choose to set our clocks up a month earlier? How is this helping with our Global Warming? How is this going to SAVE energy?

It isn’t! And they wonder why we’re in a recession? They keep trying to play God and realizing that it is a tougher job than they anticipated. Our US government has toyed with Mother Nature and now as the after affects of uprooting what Nature has set in place, Nature is unleashing her/his fury upon us, the wee little humans of society.

With raging floods, unprecedented snowfall amounts, tornado’s numbering the hundreds in February, lightning strikes more prevalent, what is the world coming to, an end? No, I’m not liking the time change. I’m not liking the change it makes people go through, and I’m not liking it forced on me.

I’m hoping by October, the big old government realizes their mistake and just leaves the freaking time alone! Maybe with an unprecedented hurricane season, mass destruction, the loss of innumerable lives, MAYBE the government will find a way to stop death or turn back time! Hey, a girl can dream can’t she?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty...

It is so refreshing to hear that natural beauty has won over the false images that we humans are inundated with. (even if it is only temporary)

When I hear (read) comments like… "My husband said, 'You always look so fresh!" That made my heart skip a beat! It shows that men are not as taken in by the false images that they are being smacked in the face with. They actually see through the botox, the fake boobs, the way too skinny bodies and deceitful promotion of "beauty".

In an age where "thin is in", anorexia in teen-age girls is at an all time high, and bolimia is another form of a liquid diet. It’s a sad day when the media has pressured these young girl’s, who know no better, into a life of believing that they will never be loved unless they are thin, fake, cardboard cut-out images and beautiful.

Many will say it’s up to the parents to teach these girls what is right and wrong, but how many teen girls actually listen to their parents in this matter? They look to their peers, the magazines, television, and countless other things before they listen to their moms and dads.

When a mom says, "That is not acceptable" (too much make-up, navel piercing, tattoo’s, etc.) The child then throws a tantrum claiming her parents ‘are like way too strict’ and ‘way uncaring,’ they then begin to take matters into her/his own hands, and does the exact opposite of what mom/dad said!

How can we teach them that natural beauty has longevity and fake beauty has its end? (Does Michael Jackson’s facial meltdown ring a bell?) How do we raise young children to believe in love when they are not given it? Many kids are from split families and it is hard being a stern parent knowing there are so many influences out in the world waiting to target them. That is just what they are, easy targets, sitting ducks, lame dames in the cesspool of life.

Being an involved parent means being strict. Tell your daughter often that she is beautiful from a very young age, before the make-up age. Tell your sons to respect the NATURAL beauty in girls. Teach them to find their inner beauty and carry it out into the world where everyone can behold it in all its glory. Stop purchasing the "cool must have clothes." Teach them to respect themselves by developing their own style!

I see so many young girls (aged 5-9) wearing mini-skirts, halter tops, knee high boots, and yes even make-up. (hey, its Dallas, anything goes here) But why are the parents allowing this? This I don’t even begin to understand or comprehend! But when a child molester has his eye on these young girls, why do the mother’s wonder why?

Thank heaven for natural beauty! Because it is something each and every one of us have! It can’t be bought off a rack, or a doctor’s office. It’s the most beautiful thing gracing the world in which we live and the only saving grace that we have in ever redeeming this immoral society.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Health Insurance SCAM!!!!

Okay here’s a switch in my blog.

The Health insurance gimmicks wreaking havoc on Americans.
I have a friend, we’ll call him John. He has PAID Health Insurance with his extremely profitable (not US) postal company. (I’ll try really hard NOT to use the name so I won’t be sued) but this isn’t slander. This is a TRUE story, and I bet one of you out there has a similar story! I would love to hear about it as I fight this cause.

John has insurance; he pays for it every week, out of his hard-earned money. He goes to the doctor, she gives him a prescription. The insurance refuses to allow it to be filled. Now it is not like the prescription is for hydrocodone or some other addictive drug. (which they fill quite easily for the drug crazed society.) This is a generic medication for his EYESIGHT!

A little back-story: John has had a cornea transplant in his left eye. He has lost sight in his right eye and will need a transplant in that eye too. An infection arose in his left eye last year. It put him out of work for five months! BUT the doctor placed him on a medication that he will need to take to keep the infection from coming back. He needs to see, to work.

So what about the insurance?

The insurance company thought it would be ‘cheaper’ if you were no longer allowed to get the prescription from the pharmacy and it became a mail order between you and this ‘Prescription Benefit Plan’ that the insurance company funds? And you need to order (if it is a frequently used med) for a THREE MONTHS SUPPLY! (costly, need I say more?)

So where is the problem? You send them your prescriptions, they verify through the doctor’s? Then send out your prescriptions in bulky boxes, lined with either bubble-wrap or foam, and it is in your hands in a week! A week? Can you wait that long for your medicine?

Here is the problem: John sends in his prescription. One time it was his asthma medication. They switched the prescription without notifying him OR the doctor! It went from a $25 co-pay to a $50 co-pay. Then he sent in his dermatology prescription, they said he orders it too much and refused to fill the prescription (even though it was prescribed BY HIS DOCTOR! )

Then this recent bit of ILLEGAL DECEPTION on their part. John orders his medicine for his eye. (remember he NEEDS this to keep infections at bay) Two weeks pass. John is without his medication. No pills arrive. What does arrive? AN EYE INFECTION festering in his left eye. Returned because no medication was in his system to fight it off.

He goes to the doctor, gets a new prescription, goes to the pharmacy. They can’t fill it! The insurance company says a prescription has already been filled and he can’t have more that an ‘x’ amount in a three month period. He calls the idiotic prescription place.

They tell him they sent it. He says it never arrived. They say they’ll re-send it. He says he has developed an infection because it hasn’t arrived and he needs his medicine NOW, to begin treatment.

"I’m sorry sir, the computer shows it has been mailed out."

"To where?" John yells, "I haven’t received anything"

They go on to list his address and it is one that he lived at OVER a year ago! Where they came up with that info is beyond me!
John says to the ‘people’,

"Don’t you understand, I’m out of work, I can’t see, and it is because of YOUR mistake that I’m in this predicament?"

"I’m sorry sir but the computer says…"

CLICK~ John angrily hangs up the phone.

A week passes, John goes back tot he doctor and is told he needs to be out TWO MORE WEEKS! He gets a new prescription written, and guess what? The ‘people’ at the ‘Prescription Benefit Place’ call that same day and say, "We can send out your prescription now, sir."

"He said, "No thank you, I can get it cheaper at WALMART without my insurance!!!!"


$4 is what he’ll pay with NO insurance card! GO WALMART!!!

I say knock those bastards off their high horse of sucking the medicine industry for every penny! Maybe they’ll wake up when they have NO people who use them? They take peoples illnesses into their own hands and they have NO AUTHORITY to do so. They have no medical degree in medicine, so who are they to refuse medicine that a doctor prescribes? This is the illegal activity going on behind our hard working citizen’s backs!

His doctor is behind him 100% ! Her words and I quote, "You’d think we lived in a third world country."

What a sad day America, what a sad day.

Any comments on this matter? Lawyers? Opinions??? I’d love to hear from YOU!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sex, Love, Rock and Roll!

Is sexual overtones in music influencing our kids?

Do your kids listen to music? Of course they do. With I-pods creeping up as the must have, downloads of songs at an all time high, and music videos being the stepping stone for kids to see their favorite artist in action. Does the music industry care to recognize the immoral affect that it has on a society as a whole? I think all they care about is their money, but who is caring about YOUR child? The artists? The media? YOU?

Have you taken a listenen to the songs your kids are enrapt in lately? Are you aware of the lyrics that are blaring in their ears at close range? Music has gone from the innocent hip-swaying tunes of the twist and shout bobbie-sock era and has leaped into the new generation as a gyration of moving body parts.

Lyrics are influencing, songs are hypnotizing, and videos are persuading our kids to act out in either violent ways or destructive ways, or provocative ways that they would not normally portray. They see supposed artist acting in a provocative manner and they want to emulate their behavior. Music permeates their being and by dressing like the artist, they are allowing themselves to be negatively exposed and influenced. Music can have an all encompassing positive affect or a dark abysmal negative affect.

Music is a doorway into a realm that we like to think is our own, but once we step through the always open door, we realize we’re not alone. Someone or something has entered with us ready to carry us to another dimension.

Music has been influential since the beginning of time. Angels in heaven have sung melodic tunes, Ancient Grecians have danced to the charms of the lyre, and drums have been a basis for Indian pow-wows, and the lists of musical influences goes on. Until this very given day, music has a way of influencing your soul.

Music is defined as: The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre. Vocal or instrumental sounds possessing a degree of melody, harmony, or rhythm.
1. A musical composition.
2. The written or printed score for such a composition.
3. Such scores considered as a group: We keep our music in a stack near the piano.
A musical accompaniment; A particular category or kind of music. An aesthetically pleasing or harmonious sound or combination of sounds: the music of the wind in the pines.

Though music has the potential to influence in the deepest chasm of your being, remember that music has the ability to have a negative effect as much as a positive effect. And when we allow our children to listen to derogatory music, wrought with sexual overtones, or the banging rhythm of hip-hop, the ingratitaing pounding of heavy metal, it will have a lasting effect on their psyche, personality and eventually their future.

So what effect are you striving for but also allowing into your home, A positive flow or a negative atrocity?

Baggy Pants Syndrome

The Baggy Pants Syndrome

Dallas is trying to ban baggy pants. What a joke! They want to ban young boys from wearing their pants around their thighs while boxer’s hangs over them. They (the city council board) wants to ban the baggy pants on these kids and it is like telling children what to wear, when to wear it and in front of who they can wear these clothes. Like putting candy in their faces and saying, "don’t eat it."

I understand not wanting the clothing to be worn in schools as having these butts hanging out may become a distraction and a hindrance in an emergency, where the child is tripping all over himself in trying to flee the school in a fire.

Also, there has been a cleavage issue in the schools. Girls can not wear clothes to school that expose any cleavage, or belly baring jeans. These issues are understandable in a school, but the council wishes to enforce a law where kids will be ticketed for wearing these baggy pants OUTSIDE of school!!!
But do they want to ban the girl's cleavage and belly baring outside of school?
Talk about double standards! Dallas, the only state I know of that ADVERTISES 24 hour porn shops on HUGE billboards, ADVERTISES Gentleman’s clubs (strip clubs) and also allows bare breasted lingerie wearing women to grace the billboards to distract motorist while trying to drive.

Why doesn’t the council fight for a cleaner image on those billboards? Why go after the kids? We’re teaching them the wrong things by allowing these semi-porn billboards to expose just what they want banned!
Oops, wait, they only want to ban the young men from wearing those pants, not ban women from boasting a life in a strip-club. (oops again, exotic dancing) bahaahaahaahaa

I wonder if the President drives down I35 and loves looking at his city in this light? I’m wondering why HE doesn’t get in on the action of what his sloppy town has become. Is he to busy sending kids off to get killed?
Is censuring the baggy pants going to stop the downfall of morality in America? Is this the start that all mother’s and pedestrians have wanted?

Sure, I think it is sad to see men wearing their pants around their knees, stumbling as they try to walk. It’s pretty funny though to watch because they look like bumbling fools and they don’t even seem to be aware that they look like the latest craze in ‘Clowns Escaping from the Circus.’
Maybe we should target the media circus and leave teens alone to allow them to ‘find’ themselves. Finding themselves on America’s Most Wanted list might not be what they have in mind, but heck to much over-exposure is bound to lead you somewhere in life right?

Look where it has led America!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sex on the Net

-Sex on the Internet-

"Can you meet me" he offers in a kind warm offering of words. "I’d love to meet you and help you with all your problems."

This is what the predator wants our young children to think anyway. That he, and he alone, can help them. But when a grown man offers to help a young child on the internet, we all know what is going to happen next. They find her nude body bludgeoned to death in a ditch somewhere.

"Hi, my name is Ginny, I’m 14." the young girl goes on to say. She continues posting all her info on a site that teens frequent. I won’t name the site because I feel they’ve already gotten enough PR recently with the barrage of predators scanning their site. These predators are slithering onto the site seeking young children to abuse. The unsuspecting children are way to eager to give up all their information and phone numbers, even the extent of their home addresses to these online perverts.

In recent months the Dallas area has taken action against these predators, sitting on the site scanning, posing as teens. I hope the predators are ready for the influx of police involvement. This is what it takes to help save our children. It is a sad day in history for sure, when we can’t send our kids outside without worrying when the next predator will be living or wallowing in our neighborhoods. Now we have to worry about their safety in our own homes?

The internet is a place for knowledge, yet in man’s sickness to be "free", he steals and robs from the innocent. There is a plague looming across the world. No it’s not bird flu; it’s not a vicious illness attacking our immune system. It is man/woman and their need to fulfill a desire.
Are we so consumed with sex that we’ll get it at ANY cost? Whether it is to our marriage (man surfing porn, wife finds out, file’s for divorce) the cost of our children (he’s safe in the home on the computer.)

The teen who wants to be popular (posts her provocative picture for all the world to see, to fit in) the boy who sees a web cam as an innocent connection to web friends (predators offer him money to expose his chest, thighs, genitals!)

Yes siree, this is what America has come to. Freedom of speech has turned into FREEDOM TO EXPLOIT!
And we do nothing, in silence we sit, barricaded in our offices, ignoring our children, our family, our REALITY.

Wake up America…the plague is in your back yard, your home!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Children Die Becasue We Lie!

Children die because we lie.
When we tell them everything is going to be fine in life and in reality it just isn’t! Why are children being neglected? Who is doing the neglecting? Parents? Teachers? Who is to blame? How long will we watch children succumb before we finally stand up and take notice?

Ask many successful college students what helped them in their success, nine times out of ten, they say it was their parents involvement. (and not just monetary)

Ask children today why they do immoral things, they say, "Because my parents don’t know what I’m doing when they’re not around!"
We can blame Harry Potter for leading kids to demonic forces, we can leave children home alone to defend themselves against predators, we can gripe and place blame all we want but are we getting anywhere? And is this the truth in where we should be placing blame?

Placing blame on others is easy because it takes the blame away from us.
When I sat with a college student and asked "What got you to this place?"

His quick response was, "My parents involvement in my life."

"Really?" I asked, "Is that the way you perceive it?" I continued, "Can you elaborate?"

"My parents were involved from the beginning, they came to all of my school activities, whether they were bored or not, whether they had "other" things to do, they put me first."

"And you feel this is what enabled you to become successful?"

"Yes!" he said, "Most definitely. Without their constant involvement I may have been more apt to find my peers more exciting which would more than likely have led me down the wrong path." He offered.

Then I casually asked a college dropout what led him to drop out of college.

He said, "I got to college, got caught up in drinking with my friends and my grades plummeted so I dropped out. My parents had gotten a divorce not long before I went away to college and I realized that maybe my mom needed me at home. I was drinking, failing, and missing home, so I quit."
"Was your mom disappointed in you?" I asked.

"Initially she was," he went on "But her love for me all through my life and when I got back home encouraged me to try and be successful no matter what came my way."

On the flip side, I asked not so successful adults why they think they failed in life. Again, it was unanimous, parental involvement or should I say non-involvement!

Parental involvement is critical in raising our children to become successful adults. Being an involved parent means forsaking some of your own wants and needs for the love of your child’s wants and needs. They need YOU the parent to guide them in the right direction, teach them morals, teach them the difference between right and wrong! This doesn’t mean that when they become teens allow them to sit alone at home on the computer surfing the web. (remember they are hormonal youths!) Don’t go to work thinking they no longer need your assistance at home (these are the critical years that you need to be there!)

Don’t assume that because your child exceeds at school, sports and having friends that he is well rounded and adjusted to his environment (remember peers have more influence than you, the parent)
Take the initiative and GET INVOLVED! Show your support when he/she fails. Be at home when they are at home. Keep the computer in the family room where they are less likely to get involved with immoral behavior with "net friends", and most importantly COMMUNICATE!
When you allow them to do what they want, they are going to do what THEY want and that is what their peers are counting on, YOU NOT BEING THERE FOR THEM!