Monday, June 30, 2008

Speed Bumps

Speed Bumps of life…find the hidden moments in your day and make use of them.
"Behind every cloud there burns a brilliant sun waiting to shine down on you to help you make the most out of every living second." ~joni

Do you know why speed bumps are placed in the road? It is to make us slow down, and take notice of what we are doing.

It is wise for writers (new and old-timers) to place speed bumps in their writing life. Maybe you run around too much, can’t find time to write, dream of writing but for some reason beyond your control you can’t seem to find time? Maybe this is a good time to say, "Hold on there pardna." And slow down! Place a speed bump in your writing career.

I read some peoples work that looks too rushed and hurried, to where you can’t make one bit of sense out of it. Does a polished piece have the look of a woman who has just had an overactive night of sleeping and wakes to find her hair standing on end? It shouldn’t.

A polished piece of work looks like a well-shined shellac floor, almost perfect. (I say almost perfect because even a well-shined shellac floor has imperfections.) Taking the time to slow down causes you to organize your time where you make the most well thought out decisions of where your piece might go, how will you go about it and most of all how it will read to others.

When I present my work to others, I never give a rough draft. And if for some crazy reason I have asked my peers to look at my rough draft, I tell them right up front that it is an extremely rough draft. Writer’s and their workshops understand that, but editor’s don’t. They expect a polished piece. One that has already gone through the ranks and rigors of a workshop or an excellent editing tool that you have.

By placing a speed bump in the road to writing, you are not only taking a longer glance at your writing habits but also showing respect for your craft. You can’t bring to the table a meal that has the ABC look (already been chewed.) No way! You want to bring to the table a plate that looks like it was designed by a professional chef with all the fancy trimmings.

A speed bump gives you time to slowly look over your work, make it shine and bring forth a delectable treat good enough for the elite to bask in and savor. The bottle of Dom Perignon is for the acceptance you feel when everyone is pleased with all your time and hard work. Believe me, it pays off in the end!

Now what are you waiting for? Place the speed bump in your road to writing, get organized, prioritize and know that a delectable meal with fine wine awaits you at the end of the day!

"To hear a clock tick means that it is slowly making its way through a day. Make every second count." ~joni


Anonymous said...

I confess that I've been guilty of taking on a succession of speed bumps at radical speed. Being airborne isn't all it's cracked up to be, that's for sure. I've hit my head more than once. When I write, I drive reckless. When I revise, I drive like I'm 100 years old. The speed bumps turn into bathroom breaks. lol.
Slowing down is good, especially right after a marathon writing session. It's time to stretch, grab a cup of java, and toss a ball for a hound that's been resting her head on your foot for the last two hours.
Speed bumps. Yeah. I can do that.


joni said...

Raven has visited AND commented! I AM special!!!!!!!

I think we all (whether in writing or in our everyday lives as human beings) we always are in a hurry to get from point A to point B!
Now is the time to place a few speed bumps in the road and stop and smell the coffee wafting in the air! (It's fresh brewed from my own kitchen) not from a Starbucks! lol

Thank you for your continued support! And for visiting! I hope you liked what you saw! :-)