Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

I have some exciting news! I just have to share. Besides how much I love my son who is now  5’10” at fifteen and I wish he’d slow down on the growth spurt. lol

A package came for ME last week. No, not a Valentines present per se but a small little package from my niece. Hmm what could it be? Well I knew what it could be, because unlike so many other people in my life that say they’re going to do something, my niece pretty much comes through when she says she’s going to do something.

A few weeks ago, she asked if I had a web cam. “A web cam? No,” I said.  I never really wanted one and honestly didn’t know what I’d use one for. Well she said she wanted to send me one, we worked out if this ancient computer could handle it, and then she said it would be on its way, by the end of February!

What did she want me to have a web cam for? So I could see her and her mom, (my sis) and my mother and father too!!! Well slap my forehead and give me a V8! Why hadn’t I thought of that? Why didn’t she, before the time got to be six years without seeing their faces!!!

Well this brown  little box held a web cam that came on Friday. I opened it and as with all technological gadgets I just looked at it with no fascination. My son however was ecstatic! He wanted one for Christmas but well, with no money and I thought they were really expensive, I told him we couldn’t get one. Maybe after we get a new computer.

Saturday arrived and Adam wanted it installed like NOW, so he could show his internet friends. (I monitor his activities on the web, so no worries.) We hooked it up, saw some fuzz but it still sent the images across cyberspace and he was seen. Okay, whoopie!

I sent my niece a message thanking her and now the excitement was building. I realized that she was just turning sixteen years old when I left home 8 years ago, and that I had only seen her briefly on my visit back to Baltimore (but she was one of the first people that came to see me at the hotel when I arrived!) Oh the excitement!

It may not be exciting to people outside my family, who really don’t understand the grand scheme of things but to me, to me this is the opportunity of a lifetime! To see their faces to laugh with them and smile, cry and share. This was a moment of going home again without the airfare fees and all the hoopla that surrounds traveling.

Sunday came and as Adam tweaked with the settings, now making the picture crystal clear, I arrived home from Church anxiously awaiting the arrival. A few notes back to one another and then *POOF* they were in front of my face, smiling from behind tears, laughing with streams and trickles running down their cheeks. My eyes have not flooded so much in a long time.

Sure my Valentine serenade from My Sax Man was beautiful, but nothing, and I mean nothing could overpower the love of MY family reunion with my sister and niece! This Saturday is...the *Surprise for mother and dad!* family.


coleman said...

what a wonderful thing to have been sent! We had planned to do this for my Mum who sadly passed away last March to keep her in touch with my nieces, but it wasn't to be...I wish you joy, and look forward to hearing about the 'Surprise with Mum and Dad.'
Take care and God Bless
Liz (Coleman) from F2K

joni said...

So sorry Liz. That would have been wonderful for her.
My condolences.

I'll let y'all know how it went. I'm kind of excited. I may speak to my mother every night but it is nothing like SEEING her, face to face. :)

This is going to be great!