Sunday, August 06, 2017

Poetry Sunday ~ The Soul's Ascent

Pss. 11: 1 "In the LORD put I my trust: How say ye to my soul, Flee as a bird to your mountain?"

The Soul's Ascent

I peered up at the towering mount 
That glistened from the snow
Would I reach that velvet cap 
That no one dared to go 

The very tip seems to drift
In a string of pearly lace 
No end in sight for it was hidden
Upon this rocky face 

Burgeoning trees whispered still 
They called within the deep 
Nature would carry my weary legs 
If for my soul to keep 

Every aching step I took
Impelled in me to climb 
A voice was beckoning in my head 
Transcending the sublime 

I walked on faded fury 
As the summit reared its head 
The stones were trembling underfoot 
My essence being fed 

Every time I stumbled about 
My eyes would rise to see
The brilliance of the lemon rays 
Shining down on me

I gasp for air my final steps 
What seems to last for miles 
My bated breath my moistened brow 
Slowly, sweeps the aisles

I let it out a HOWLING yell 
I gaze at the valley below
My echoes resound in empty space 
My soul begins to glow

I reach the powdered summit 
My mind now crystal clear
It's never the journey taken... 
It's relinquishing all you fear!


benning said...

Have you released those fears? Or do you still maintain a grip on them?

*HUGS!* <3 :D

joni said...

With tons of prayers and meditation, fear has washed out to sea.

Yesterday I moved a spider out of my way (I don't kill them unless they are attacking me) with my bare hands and placed him in a safe place.

I have no reason to fear, I have an amazing God!