Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Miracle Dog

John 6: 2 And a great multitude followed him, because they saw his miracles which he did on them that were diseased.
Do you believe in miracles? You’ll probably say, “Yeah sure.” But maybe with some apprehension you’ll try hard to remember seeing the last one or you might wonder what really was a miracle or just pure luck.

Let me tell you, there is no such thing as luck, they are all miracles and blessings, whether you like to believe it or not, the Holiest of Holies, rains a blessing on you, he doesn’t shower you with luck and money; blessings and miracles are so much more explosive than sheer luck.

Remember I told you my dog Sassy was hit by a truck last Tuesday? She walked around pacing and yelping in pain. Not a constant yelp, it was only when she went to open her mouth. Money hindered all possibilities of getting her to a vet, so prayer was our only source. A lot of you might say, “That’s foolish.” Well, not in my shoes. When you’ve been in my shoes, then you can judge for yourself.

For now all I live on is prayer. Seems to be working. Saturday evening the snow started to fall. Not just an inch or two, by Sunday morning there was easily six inches of the white stuff, enough to hinder us from going to church. Then throughout the day, six or seven more fell stopping all activity on the roads, causing hazardous conditions throughout the state, school closings and the like. Cancellations of all kinds were being posted on TV.

Early Monday I HAD to get out and shovel some kind of path for Sassy, so she could get out there and do her business. She was yelping minimally but she also had confined herself into the back room of the house where it is very cold. I read somewhere that the cold eased pain for dogs, and she instinctively knew this because this is where she lay, curled in a ball for days on end, never coming into the warmer portions of the house.

We all kicked into mothering Sassy. Beau, Adam and I all took to hand feeding her, making soft foods that we knew she liked and took with apprehension but still she ate and drank water on occasion. A tough week to say the least, then the snow to top it all off, what an amazing fete that lay before us.

On Tuesday, yesterday, something strange took place. As I sit here tapping on the keys, movement out of the corner of my eye. Sassy peeking around the corner at me. She was looking for food. I rose to make her two hot dogs which she devoured. Then I found her laying in the bathroom all snug as a bug on a rug. I moved her to the hallway on a towel, and later she came into the living room, with coaxing and hasn’t returned to the cold cave since.

She’s feeling better! A  living miracle! Still healing but definitely on the road to recovery. A neighbor came with a plow truck last night, unburied our truck and made a path for us and our neighbors behind us. Sassy almost barked full throttle, but a little *woof* was let out and I sighed in relief. My dog was now in the throes of a miracle. Something money can never buy. A miracle is prayers answered!

Praise be to God, and no other!


June said...

Awesome, Joni! I've beeing sending healing thoughts and prayers to Sassie and her human family. All of your have been in my thoughts and will continue to be in them.

We can feel helpless at times, and prayer is ALWAYS available.


joni said...

And we can feel confident in knowing that the prayers are being heard AND answered!

Yay! Sassy is feeling better.

Gonna hug her right now!

Thanks June. :)

M. SUE said...

Sassy has been in so many of my thoughts. I cannot tell you how many times I have checked back here to see if you'd added more to the original post or written a new one. Ah, at last! I am so relieved to know she is on the path to healing. Please give her one of my gentle hugs, reminding her of my loving thoughts and prayers. She's a brave girl and I hope you'll whisper that to her, too.
Lovingly, M. Sue

joni said...

Thanks Sue,
I didn't want to post anything until I saw with my own eyes that what I was seeing was right and not wishful thinking. The poor thing has been through the wringer but yes she is definitely on the mend. She's still a little sore but she is now in the warmth of our feet. LOL

And I love it!!! :)

Friends and prayer! :)

Thanks so much for your support!!!

(((BIG HUGS))))

Stormcrow said...

P-P-P-Puppyyyy Powerrr!