Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book worthy Blog?

Writing is a lot easier if you have something to say
~ Sholem Asch

We live in an era where mostly everyone has a blog. Whether its about food, raising kids, knitting or you pick a subject, more than likely, there is a blog about it. But is it book worthy?

Blogging is a nice comfortable place to share my writing skills while I wait for that big moment in time where a publisher accepts my work. In the meantime, I write my blog to share things about the craft that I’ve learned along the way. This isn’t an easy task, this blogging route, but it is a nice distraction from many mundane circumstances that life throws at you.

Again, is your blog book worthy? There is actually a book titled How to Blog a Book, that will take you through the steps of turning your blog into a book! A book worthy blog.

First let me say, no I haven’t bought the book and second, when I began this blog I had no intention of turning it into a book. But now with this newer technology buzzing around the internet, the possibilities are there. Yesterdays self publishing post was more aimed at the novel you’ve written. I don’t think self publishing is a route for the budding writer. It’s an easy out of taking away all the rejection so you can feel secure. Writers know, there is nothing about this business that’s comfy and secure. It’s hard work, day in and day out of honing a craft, marketing your work, and promoting yourself.

If you have a target audience for your followers, chances are you have a book in the making. If your posts are consistent about one subject, is aimed at a certain group (photography, writing, knitters, etc.) then more than likely you have a book worthy blog. Now it is time to find out.

For me, I have close to one thousand posts. There has to be a book in there somewhere! My main topics are the writing craft, poetry and quotes. Now I know my quotations are not book worthy, but one never knows. What I’m going to do is take all the posts and separate and organize them. Poetry in one file, writing another and quotations yet another. My life posts will go in my life story I’m penning. I might be able to use something there.

If your blog is not post specific, meaning all over the place in topics, chances are slim that you have book worthy content amid the rubble. You might just blog for fun and that is all well and good, but to a writer, we’re always thinking books! As I said, I’ll organize my posts first and see what I have. Then onto editing it to make sure the post was sufficient and all the right info was given to the reader.

Once all this is compiled, I’ll add a few unpublished works. Editors love new material and sending them already published work may discourage them from taking on your project. Add new material! And make sure you inform them that there is newly added material! Persistence pays off.


Beth Zimmerman said...

I wish I had turned mine into books, for myself only ... not for publication, because hackers got me last summer and I lost 4 years of content. :( I also wish I had done a better job of keeping things backed up! :)

joni said...

Eww the horrid *h* word. lol

There are many free places that allow storage of your stuff. Maybe try one of them?
Google ~ Free storage I know google offers it as well. That way you have your stuff all over the place. Each one give a different password. :) Might help, a bit. :)