Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why Write?

Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.
~ Cyril Connolly

Why? Because it’s in your blood.

As you can tell, I haven’t written much in the past few months as I was off healing. My back issues, my dental issues have all been taken care of and I’m on the road to healing. I’ve taken away my dream of writing and as such I’ve even lost Alexandria Virginia in the process. Sorry, Alexandria, I have forgiven you and the others that attacked me but they have all harbored ill will towards me to this very day.

I’ve lost many friends in the past few months and I see who really cares for me and calls me friend. I’ve been in solitude and as the school year ended on a high note for my son, my life is slowly returning to normal again. So why write?

Around October, I slowly got sick and the attacks began. I lost my love of writing but soon realized it is all I live for. Sure I belt out a poem here and there, but writing, helping people, guiding new writers; that was something I loved, and I let many people down along  the way just because of a few bad seeds in the garden of my writing life. I trained most of the very people who attacked me, and this is how they repay me? With friends like that... you get my meaning.

If you’re a writer, no one can squelch your dream but you. Oh they might try, but the kindling fire is still there burning inside just awaiting to have a little wind touch it, and here in Nebraska, I’ve got plenty of wind to stoke my fire. As I heal, I return to my gift and will share with you my 1000th post! Like it or not bubble poppers, I’m here to stay and as I regain my strength, so does my fire.

So why write, you might ask? Because writing is in the blood of you. You can not, and I mean can not, put it out just because of a few party poopers who live in the realm of ‘you go, I’ll stay and hone MY skills’. Fine, I’ve left but my writing will go on and on and on, and I like it that way. I no longer feel like the writing site, that was once my ‘home within my home’ will ever be the same to me again as it will never be the same without me again. Sure people will go on day to day, thinking they are going someplace but really they are dormant seeds to me, nothing more.

My writing is MINE and it was my dream long before the naysayers came and pooped on my party, and will once again be the flourishing garden of words that I’ve come to know and love. No one can take away your dream but you! If you allow a person or people to define the craft, then you my friend are in the wrong business. There will always be a negative ion in the bunch, and it is up to you, my writing friends, to stand firm in what you believe in and take the bull by the horn and move on to a better place, alone or with your true friends holding you up, the choice is yours.

Write on and Write Right. It’s YOUR dream, what are you waiting for?


Beth Zimmerman said...

You GO, Joni! There are still some of us cheering you on!

joni said...

Thanks Beth! :)

I even wrote a post for tomorrow! I may be on a roll!
Feels good to write again! :D

jane walts said...

yeah, in writing we express ourselves. our unique style and personality makes us a good writer. if we loses ourselves on writing then we miss out the whole point.

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