Sunday, April 28, 2013

Poetry Sunday ~ Soul Sisters

Soul Sisters

I know she’s there
across the sea from me
Where the wind ripples
through her hair
causing a stir in the waves.

I know she cares
as I sit drawing in
the emotional bond
that led me to her
as her spirit is lifted.

Isolated from the sand
that laps the shore
the current rides the tide
bringing me to a place
in her heart.

My soul sister thinks
an anchor holds me
in place so that I
can feel her thoughts.
We are kindred spirits.

I watch as the sun
drinks in her essence
filling her with light
a luminosity that is emitted
from the two of us.

Our bond is there
while no despair will
bring us to our knees
we’ll please the heavens
that call us.

We’re enmeshed
to the one beauty that
fills our spirits.
We cry, we sigh, we fly
into the night.

You are there
across the sea and
think of me as the wind
stirs my hair causing
a wave of emotion.

My soul sister is one
with the light and beauty
of the world.
I am here, she is there
together, we sweep the ocean floor.

Note: This also goes for my soul brothers who have connected with me. Whether across the pond or on the soil of America, you all have touched my soul, and prayerfully, I have touched yours! ~Joni

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