Friday, April 26, 2013

My Angel: A Poem

My Angel

In my mind I watch her grow
the little baby I’ll never know.
I held her nestled in my womb.
her ringlets of hair I’ll never groom.

I watch her in the grass to play,
I swing with her on a sunny day.
Her fancy purple Easter dress,
her softened skin I often caress.

She sinks into the books she’s reading
finds sheer joy in our yearly seeding.
I watch with her as the seedlings grow.
Dances around when they make a show.

Twirling and spinning I often see
some little part of a younger me.
I long to hold this small-framed girl,
My angel, my daughter, my pleasant pearl.

Some things in life are not meant to be
As with my baby, little Astri.
Motionless I held her in my arms
A lifetime of beauty and earthly charms.

But lo and behold He needed her more,
She took with her a piece of my core.
I find solace in her place above,
Knowing heaven is her garden of love!


M. SUE said...

You and Astri were on my mind the past few days and particularly this morning. I cannot say, "I understand just how you feel," for several reasons, the most obvious being I am not you and I have not suffered such a loss. I can say I have great empathy because no one loves infants more than I and I think there may be few adults with greater imaginations. Therefore, I feel your loss with you and in my mind, I see some of who Astri would be today. In my mind, I try to see who she IS today and as good as my imagination is, I know all the splendor I can conjure up is minuscule in comparison to God's actual design! Oh, how He loves Astri! And, Joni, He has your tears in a bottle, you know ~ oh, how He loves you, too!

joni said...

Thank you, Sue. That means a lot!

She would have been nine today and I imagine her a little reader and lover of the garden, like her mom and dad. :)

It was a tough day, then and now.