Thursday, July 24, 2008

Creating a Sacred Space

It is essential as a writer to have a sacred place to write. When you’re writing with pen and paper, do you always find a calming place that relaxes you? Do you find yourself carrying your laptop to the park or out in the backyard so you can drink in all of the beauty surrounding you?

Maybe your husband loves you so much that he has went to work on building you a little writing niche. Whether it is a room set aside for your computer printer, paper and stuff, or a nice corner tucked away from the hubbub surrounding your family atmosphere.

Your sacred place to write should be inspiring. Encircling you should be the images that conjure creativity. Like a brew of culture, what surrounds you is the very thing that is going to feed your muse. If you have a bland room with no inspiration, get yourself to a thrift shop. There you can find the eccentric little picture, the bizarre statue, the curious painting.

Sometimes placing your desk beside a window is helpful as you can gaze out, whether over a parking lot or into an expansive meadow, or peering into your ample garden. Whatever your circumstance, you can make your writing space your sacred place.

The mindset of a writer takes you beyond the congested parking lot. Look over the cars, look towards the sky and embrace the white fluffy cotton-like clouds. Look for the one object that will inspire you to write. Maybe it’s a bird pecking at a tree trunk, or a plane soaring through the wispy clouds.

Whatever surrounds you is wrapping you in a warm embrace. Remember that it is YOU who can control what encompasses you and gives your brain a tight squeeze, inspiring you to write.

Why not gird yourself in a meditative mode? Place in your environment candles of different shapes, flowers of many fragrances, plants of various symmetry and sizes. Often times we don’t live in a wondrous palace where we can be outside with nature, that is when we need to bring nature on the inside to our world to enliven our mind to become a force of creativity.

To balance out your workspace with a small tabletop water fountain, (there are some great affordable ones out there) would complete the serenity you seek when writing. The trickle of mesmerizing water, the flicker of dancing candle’s, the sweet scent of flora and fauna will all spring you into the writing frenzy that you desire.

So what are you waiting for? Make your writing space your sacred place!


bankruptcy said...

I like the way you wrote this kind of blog.


June said...

I love the idea of creating scared space, Joni!

I've also created an internal scared space, so I can take it anywhere with me... :)

Take care,