Sunday, July 27, 2008

Poetry Sunday


Oh how I want to feel the sun's... warm rays

To grace, my face.

drizzle me with its fingertips.

Dance along my body

until I am invigorated.

Trickling down, like rain, they fall.

Beads of sweat wash the pain.

The beams of light,bronze my skin.

I am now under the spell

of the blazing sun,

as it penetrates my body into a

perplexing pause of air…

I don't breathe…I sigh…

For it has taken me places in the mind.

Kissed me with its sweet caress…

I do confess...

the sun's kiss is all I need...

to refresh,

my soul to bless.

copyright © joni zipp


Raven said...

A lovely poem for a rainy Sunday. I've enjoyed reading this, Joni. A strong storm passed through here this morning. It shook the leaves out of the trees and sent tourists spilling into the restaurants along route 611. Everything was gray. Even our faces. My husband and I looked at each other and laughed because the air felt so much lighter. It was like the clouds sucked away the heavy heat with them.

This is my favorite part of your blog.


joni said...

Thanks Raven!

I am in Texas and we are in the middle of a heatwave and the Suns Kiss is all I've seen for quite some time.

I'm glad you're liking my poetry Sunday's. It certainly gives me a relaxing break.

Thanks for stopping in!


A Place of Creativity said...

And here I was fussing about the heat. You made me feel ashamed for my whinning and brought a ray of sunshine to my day.