Monday, February 09, 2009

The Ring!

The Ring

The ring wraps around the warmth of my finger.
Endless devotion of my love will linger.
Commitment of truth; in faith I am bound.
Nothing obscured; my finger lay crowned.
Deeply enmeshed it's more than a ring.
A sign of his love which makes my heart sing.
Love that surpasses everything immortal.
Entrenched is he in the depths of my portal.
Laying claim to my body, my soul, and my heart,
The ring is a symbol my love won't depart.
A reminder of trust that I'll never stray.
Promises made when he placed it that day.
The ring it marks all we hold true.
Encircles the choice of starting anew.
It's through the ring that I am reminded,
The light of his love shall never be blinded.
Copyright ©Joni Zipp


brentjunk2 said...

Great blog Joni, I'll have to spend some time reading this.


joni said...

Thanks Brent for visiting!

Usually all my writing friends visit so it is nice to see someone from the outside world (of my writing friends) visit!

I hope you find it as resourceful as the budding writer's do. :-)

Your new friend,