Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Shroud of Love

The Shroud of Love

The vacant mist expressed
the empty me that was the woman
you came and rescued from the fog.
Into the swarming uncertainty
we rode through
the heavy shrouded portals of the land.
Not knowing each other but through words
on a dirty screen that didn’t mean anything more
than a connection through the spirit.

It was our souls that collided,
confided our intimacy
in each other as we became one
in the veils of mist
that surrounded us on many levels.
I was a barren tomb that you entered
to resurrect
the woman you knew I could be.
Never failing in hope we rode
through the
murkiness to arrive at a place of fulfillment
that we
consider to be an effluent life;
a wellspring of growth and love.

We proceeded to ride
the emergence of life within us,
to grow as a bouquet, our life as one.
Unhindered by the barriers
that stood erect before us
we strove to conquer the will of our souls
Longing to be with each other
to complete the
very essence that was missing all along.

On this day as in every day
I know that my love,
is naught but a compliment to your love for me.

We have seen what true love is
and we grasp the
reality of what it takes to make it whole.
As we nurture the future of our souls
we realize
we are one, no longer hidden entities
riding in an obscure blur.
We are riding into the sunset of our lives
beholding the very rainbow of life
that we seek.
Every year the pigment may change
but it lightens
our way instead of darkening it.
We have found
within each other…
a blossoming rainbow of beauty.

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