Sunday, August 02, 2009

Poetry Sunday

Temptations Garden
Slithering along the garden path,
evil lurks the ground.
Hunting for the perfect host.
the soul of woman found.

Placed upon her soft-toned breast,
sweet petals she adorns;
A scent of misconception,
the rose with all its thorns.

Perched on top her flowing hair,
she wears a crown of lure.
A man now present within her sight,
leads to thoughts impure.

Brazen with her nudity,
her taunt and tease begin.
Drawing the inner mind of man,
unleashing the first sin.

Evil bridles the stolen path,
relishing the prize.
The goal of lust and greed defined.
now sewn in human's eyes.

Guilt and shame are evident;
the garden sighs and weeps.
Humans bound to Lucifer,
the soul within them sleeps.

Rise up now you vacant souls,
a thundering of grief;
Rays of sun will shower down,
Offering relief.

Lay claim to all the light bestowed,
behold the skillful presence;
slay the dark with purity,
capturing true essence.

Do not let the garden die,
singe the weeds within.
Fight the gnashing of his teeth;
spurn the tempting sin.

Steadfast in the pursuit of love,
a measure of true beauty.
See it not as a burdened chore,
but humankind's real duty.

I share with you my wisdom's words;
against the evil harden.
Awaken now in the realms of heaven,
leave Satan to his garden.


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Raven said...

Ah...I'm late this week. I usually like to come in on Sunday, but it was a tough week. A lovely poem, Joni, as always.

I wonder whether you are going to build an anthology of poems called
"Sunday Songs."

:)Thanks dear,


joni said...

Thanks A.J!

And Raven, that's is a beautiful idea. I have a book of poetry compiled called Soul Storms but I'm thinking...I like your title better.

Hmmm... let me think about that one.

Thanks for visiting! :-)