Sunday, July 26, 2009

Poetry Sunday

I rest upon a sunset dream
aglow in wondrous light.
I sat upon a misty stream
alone in somber night.

I sang a song and it did seem
a melody of flight.
I sat by sand and saw a gleam;
a rhapsody of sight.

I basked amidst a brazen beam;
a fountainful of fight.
As to arouse my sunset dream.
To mornings marvel of white.

*** Lead me, stairway ***
MY heart aches; severed it breaks
I am torn from limb to limb.
Branch by branch my life is quaking
as a storm in the sand; whisking the dust to heights
away from my eyes or into them
for my sight seems hindered.
I squint to see through darkened clouds
billowing like the tidal waves across the sand.
Bustling around my head as if to keep me in a
silent reverie.
I let out a harrowing scream for to let,
just one person know I am amid this raging storm
And I need assistance in clarification
of the icicled granules
that pierce my skin.

Reach out for me like rays from the gleaming orb that
drapes the sky in crimson glory.
Draw me from this cavernous abode;
out of this blackened pit;
spew me forth into the great flaming meadows
of intricate bellowing blossoms.
Hold me in everlasting beauty and guide me
to the stairway
that leads me to the peace that will blanket my soul
and comfort me in harmonious bliss!!!

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