Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Breathings of my Heart

"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." 
~ William Wadsworth ~

The breathings of my heart. They speak to me in synonymous fluidity and carry me to places I had only imagined being carried. A writer is not one to carry words in their pocket, only to be left as lint in the dark recesses. No, a writer carries thoughts and words with him throughout his mind and splays the page with them as he or she goes throughout the day.

Are you the kind of writer, who hits a block and allows it to consume you and your words? Why not fill the paper with the breathings of your heart? You say you can’t write? Are you breathing? Then you can write. Even if it is a simple ditty, or 100 words of how your day went yesterday, what your plans for today are; all these can be turned into writing from the heart.

You know that as writers, we don’t need to spill out a thousand words a day. By keeping the flow moving at 50 words,100 words, 200 words, anything, will keep your fingers alive with the vibrancy of sticking your wet finger in an electric socket. Writers need to write! And to do that, ANY writing is acceptable.

Have you ever hit a spot in your life, where you felt like NOT breathing, nevermind writing your breathings. I hit this spot once a year leading up to Easter. I become very contemplative where my thoughts turn internal instead of reaching outward, my writings become very cryptic in the sense that my spiritual nature absorbs my thoughts and sometimes no one, not even myself understands me.

I sit behind the screen spouting off words. I write, I think, I live the breathings of my heart.  There is no room for playing, masking, compromising my purity or spiritual nature. I am who I am and only because my love for God is more important than anything in this world, I seem to isolate myself in my own world releasing words here and there.

So as you hit the road block to your flow of words, try looking within yourself and see what is causing this. Sometimes it is something as simple as focusing more on you than the world of writing that you’ve created for yourself. Sometimes all we need to do is put ourselves front and center and prioritize the important things in life, and write as we go along, but don’t let it consume your very being.

Usually when the writing block happens, it is telling you to look in the mirror. Look at your world and all you have, and to take tiny steps in accomplishing what it is that you really desire in life, if it is writing, the flow will come back. If it is something outside of writing, then you need to embrace what it is that will get you to a healing spot.

If you’re a writer, writing will always be there for you, but your breathings of the heart may not.

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