Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

The rule for accepting  The Versatile Blogger Award stipulates that I have to tell you seven things about myself.

Ravenne’s Seven Things About Myself That Haven’t Made National News

1.  I have never hung my underwear outside on the clothes line. Joni responds: ( I have and even had them stolen! And that was WAY before VS was EVER heard of)

2.  I am a human hamster who pads her nest with many, many books. (Joni bellows: I’m a ham!)

3.  I lie to telephone salespeople and say I am the maid. (Joni says: I answer and do a Chinese womans impersonation.)

4.  I play Lady GaGa songs when I’m in the car. (Joni says: I play praise music.)

5.  I buy salad and then I never eat it. (Joni responds: I buy pickles...and eat them)

6.  I sweat like a pig when I’m on the treadmill. (Joni infuses: What’s a treadmill?)

7.  I use my finger to draw smiley faces in newly-opened jars of peanut butter. (Joni smiles: I draw smiley faces on steamed up windows and in dirt on trucks!)

And now Seven things about myself you wish you knew:

1. I love my country. The people running the country are NOT perfect, but then again, are YOU?

2. I am not perfect.

3. I am not a hypocrite

4. I sing praises as often as I can to the good Lord who carries me through every single day!

5. I’m sane. (though some may disagree)

6. I can not stand Americans who complain about our government. Get a life, try a third world country or something.

7. I’m going to say it... I support MY PRESIDENT! Flaws and all!

Thank you Raven for your kindness!

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