Sunday, July 22, 2012

Poetry Sunday ~ Drought


I look across the fields so bare
Pivots racing for drought to spare.
Boughs they bend seeking relief
From the suns scorching grief.

Grass is burnt in umber bliss
Green it sleeps the moisture miss
Blades are thorns piercing the skin
I’m lost in thought for the state I’m in.

Summer fun has been sucked dry
The heat it drinks tears I cry.
Thankful for a warm swift breeze
It only drains the towering trees.

Shade is welcome; there I sit
Watching as the bugs all flit
Mosquitoes have all lost their bite
Crickets are still they silence the night.

Come forth rain and spare us wrath,
As summer sun has marked its path.
The season is slowly nearing an end
Up to heaven rain prayers I send.

1 comment:

Stormcrow said...

That pretty much sums up this summer. Well done!