Sunday, July 15, 2012

Poetry Sunday ~ I See What You Do

I see what you do

In the dark hours as you surf through
Pages upon pages I know what you do.

Do you think that you can hide
All from me to whom you abide?

You gave your soul to me I see
Now it lies in jeopardy.

You cannot peek nor can you thrust
Sorry my son, there’s no room for lust.

I am the ruler to whom you bow
Was it all for naught, you ruin it now?

Lay your trust into able hands
We can make it through the stands.

I gave you freedom of which I can take back
For the ignorance of all you lack.

Secrets are storms waiting to rise
Unleashing pain from the skies.

Know that nothing is hidden from me
Each step you take, I always see.


fazrul arhan said...

Beautiful poem,i love it.D

joni said...

Thank you!
Thanks for visiting and commenting! :)