Sunday, August 12, 2012

Poetry Sunday~ Lost


I feel like I am a rock
Sticking out of the sand.
A tired misplaced object
In a foreign land.

I feel like I'm a cactus
on the wetlands shore.
Lost amid the foliage,
of things gone on before.

I feel I am an empty limb
no digits to complete.
The hand to touch, the arm to reach,
Two legs without my feet.

I feel I am dark matter
In the blazing sun-dripped sky.
A bird flung high into a cloud,
No wings for me to fly.

I feel as though I'm a snow- white dove,
Flocked amid the geese.
I see them fly north and south,
Whereas I just seek peace.

Make me feel like I'm a song,
a rhythm to your beat.
Hold me in your wandering thoughts.
Where truth and love can meet.


Stormcrow said...

I like that.

joni said...

Wow! You commented on MY blog??
Thanks honey! :*