Sunday, August 19, 2012

Poetry Sunday ~ Anxiety -- I Await


Anxiety has a grip on me
clenched in its fist
held by my wrist
fear is not, letting me be.

I wander the room
seek out a light
try hard to fight
the inner walls of doom.

Lost and alone I am not free
the pain is there
no one to care
doing it all relentlessly.

Words are framed
a hidden joy
a beleaguered toy
my inner body maimed.

Wrestle the solid emotion
wring it out
try to shout
it’s all just a silly notion.

A healing place I’ll find
the Lord a Light
always my fight
my soul is warm and kind. 
I Await!

As part of me hangs
in the balance of echoes
falling to the floor in whispers
waiting to be lifted up by
the very presence of you.
I await.

As I tumble, the world
collides while etching
out a form chiseled in the
measure of space and time;
the aroma of you lingers.
I await.

As I cling to the hope
that one day our fog
will become rays of the sun
I’ll melt in the complexity
of your ubiquity.
I await.

As breathless as the days
linger into silent nights
I long to see the faces
left behind in a whirlwind
of a confused state.
I await! 

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