Sunday, July 21, 2013

Poetry Sunday ~ Isolation

The house echoes of the emptiness found inside
like an unending tunnel where light is obscure.
The noise erupts with no one to confide
My lips are parched, as my heart lay pure.

Loneliness wraps my body in its outstretched arms;
nestles me in the warmth of a longing embrace.
I am alone in the silence that bears down and harms
the fullness of my being in this comely place.

The violence erupts but it is far from me
and all I can do is bow my head in prayer
as the isolation swallows my sanity
I seek to find you but you’re not there.

My only friend in sorrowful times of longing
is the empty space of my voice unheard;
Isolation traps me in the field of belonging
Left unattended with the pain I’ve incurred.

The solitude has me in its restless clutch
as no one is here to hold my hand.
I long for someone; anyone’s touch;
so alone in seclusion our beating hearts stand.

1 comment:

benning said...

You aren't lone: God is with you! :D

Nice poem, but sad, too.