Sunday, June 16, 2013

Poetry Sunday ~ My Father's Daughter

My Fathers Daughter

What can I say, it happened one day
“You’re your fathers daughter.”
You like to read, do crosswords too
you’re definitely your father’s daughter.

The stubbornness the same;
Your minds think alike.
You love the mountains
and relish a good hike.

Adventuresome too
mesmerized by the water,
Yes my sweet child,
you’re your father’s daughter!

Is it so bad to be like him?
It’s where I learned my strength.
Insight to provide my freedom of mind,
that reaches immeasurable length.

No he’s not perfect, nor claims to be
he’s so much more I can say.
To illuminate my soul in a father’s role
the most ever-loving way!

Yes I’m my father’s daughter
I state it proudly so.
I may not be there, and him not here.
but he’s with me wherever I go!



benning said...

That was very sweet, Joni. :D

joni said...

Thanks Ben! :D