Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Opening

The Opening

Opening my mind I try to see,
the luscious land surrounding me.
Like all the flowers standing proud,
underneath a rain-burst cloud.

The fields they sprout a gushy green
whether corn or crop of soy bean.
Rows and rows in my view
I’ll share the beauty with all of you.

The sounds they call me in the night
the wicked howls of wind in flight.
Trees all mourn from daytime heat
leaves they clamor like little feet.

The pasture wakes with vibrant breath
awaiting harvest its imminent death.
Pivots roll across the land
to moisten earth with guided hand.

Fluttering petals with gracious class
all salute you as you pass,
A blade of grass can be seen
bowing down as you preen.

This place is home, with springtime flare,
a perfect place to sit in prayer.
As one door opens another closes
I’ll spend my time just smelling roses!

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