Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Love's Eternal Flame

Love's Eternal Flame

Trust is the flame that burns desire,
Of loves' sweet embers of a fire.
Melting like wax it rolls downstream,
As blissful as moonlights radiant beam.

Honesty the wick that molds it as one
Until the flame smolders it can't be undone.
Truth is an endless dripless sea,
Of all that bonds you to me.

Faith is the solid sacred pillar
Love is the eternal ignited filler.
Should the candle be left alone and broken,
Silently I'll wander no words to be spoken.

Copyright 2003 ©Joni Zipp

1 comment:

Susan said...

This is beautiful, Joni!
Love, Trust, Honesty, Faith. They need to be together to exist and be meaningful.