Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Missile~the CAR

The wheel, the invention that changed the world. As early as the 4th millenium B.C., the wheel made its presence known.Automobiles, the invention that destroyed humanity.

Maybe you don’t agree, but do you realize what harm has come from the automobile? Besides the emissions polluting the environment, the car has become a weapon to mankind whether he believes it or not. Man* uses the car as a weapon as he fluidly drives the interstate. If the man* is drinking and driving he now has within his grasp… the power to kill.

When man* becomes angry behind the wheel he exerts his energy by lashing out at other motorist. When man* fails to use his proper signals he is then becoming a potential road hazard to other drivers, and when man* speeds in excess of the visible speed limit, he is now a loaded missile!

Driving a car is not a luxury to wield a weapon; it is a commitment to you, the people in your car, AND to other motorists. You are taking their lives into YOUR hands and you have the responsibility to do what is right and protect these people. Instead, the vehicle is a luxury weapon that you drive without a care for any other human being on the planet. Destroying humanity, humility and morality, as we know it.

I live in Texas, so I’ll pick on the Texas drivers. They are maniacs when it comes to being allowed to drive a vehicle. Have you ever turned your blinker on, only to see the motorist speed up so you can’t change lanes? This makes you slow down and the driver behind you begins honking his horn because now you’ve made him miss the yellow light that he wanted to race through! (The me first attitude is prevalent!)

And what is the thing about plucking your eyebrows and applying make-up on the road? Is everyone in such a hurry that they forgot to do these things before leaving the house? Then there is the person sitting on the cell phone chatting away not even paying attention to what is in front of him/her! Some even text message while trying to guide their missile through the yellow light (often times a RED light!) Texans put the term Southern Hospitality to SHAME.

Gone out the window is respect, courtesy, honor and value all because of a simple vehicle that is now what I consider to be… a loaded missile.


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