Friday, April 11, 2008

Analog TV:To the dump,to the dump, to the dumpdumpdump

Good-bye analog...hello high tech!

Are we living in such a high-tech society that we need our government to take measures to change our lives? First they decided when the sun would rise and set, now they are telling us that in the high-tech world of faster is better, clear and concise is what we NEED, we’re no longer going to be able to use our ‘old’ television sets.

Is it fair to the consumer, to the elderly, to the poor, that the "all full-power broadcast television stations in the United States will stop broadcasting on analog airwaves." Is taking over the airwaves leaving the above mentioned class of people ‘in the dark’ literally? In February 2009 your television will become an obsolete piece of junk lying in the dump, polluting our environment.

We’re expected to buy an HD TV set, a converter box, or be pressured into a monthly cable bill that an already over-taxed nation may not be able to afford at this time. Remember the mortgage crisis? The massive foreclosure dilemma? An impending recession?

Are we being asked to conform once again to what the government says and decides FOR US? I’m wondering when we’ll need to have the number six-hundred-and sixty-six stamped on our forehead or be told we’ll have to leave the country! has an interesting ‘theory’. The new air space that is opened will be used for police, emergency, etc. etc. Are we having a problem where this airspace needs to be opened? Or is this some form of money scheme that the government has signed on to, to con the poor?

DTV stands for digital tv. "It’s an advanced high tech broadcasting technology that will transform your low grade television viewing experience into high-tech clarity! DTV enables broadcasters to offer television with better picture and sound quality." What is wrong with my old picture?

Suppose I don’t WANT a transforming television viewing experience? Is it fair that I am being either FORCED into buying a new television or a set-top converter box? Who are the ones benefiting from this ‘project’?

Let me guess: The tv makers will boost their sales, converter manufacturers will gain money from their sales, cable sales will be boosted, the government will look piss-poor as always and who loses in all this? THE POVERTY STRICKEN, that’s who! Which will presumably be m(b)illions by the end of 2008 (if not already)!

Oh yeah, but we’ll have all that new and improved 911 service when we have a heart-attack and keel over from this ‘forced’ agenda. And I do believe, it IS just that, an agenda!

A quote from Harrison Ford: "Money is really only important if you don’t have any."

That’s easy for him to say.

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