Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Apocalyptic Vision

The darkness veils the earth in a blanket of death. Stars fall from the sky like a broken string of pearls falling to the floor. Outside my window I hear the wailing of people in pain. Suffering surrounds me as I cling to the life I once knew.

Holding my beloved photographs in my hand as the shaking earth trembles the very floor in which I sit, I begin to cry. What is this that’s happening? Is the world going to end while I’m here alone?

I reach for the phone as a lifeline. The line is dead, as is my cell phone. The television looks like a looming dark moss-filled lake with its blank screen staring at me. My eyes roam the room looking for signs of life. My plants, my cherished plants hold life within the core of their stem. Life in its solitude quandary is surrounding me while outside hysteria rises like an evening tide; leaping in frothy motion to drink in humankind;devouring everything in its path.

My dreams of late have now become a reality. All that I kept secretly within is now released to the pulsating core of the earth. It breathes, spewing forth iniquity. Riding the pale horse of crimson flame. The sun has turned to blood, dripping like melted wax. A few of us human beings will remain to carry on the torch that never ceases to exist.

The light will shine forth as the new planet reforms itself. With a new ozone in place, all hysteria will have fled, and remaining will be the purest juices of the soil. It will drive forward an abundance of new life. An unspoiled carpet of liberty to shield the newly-formed globe. Regenerated by disaster, the mother earth will climb the towering cosmos, proving to all that behold her, that what was freely given, can be freely taken away…in the blink of an eye.

I rose from my bed
these visions they bled
into words now read.
We’ll do what we can
is the basic plan
to save modern man.
Is it now too late?
Have we sealed our fate?
Do we sit and wait
for the end to near,
I hold no fear,
just shed a tear.
For the blind
who cannot find
love for mankind.
They slowly die,
wither and cry
deeply they sigh.
Rise up and see!
Never flee!
Then you will free…
Your eternity!

"Cherish your visions and your dreams. They are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements." -- Napoleon Hill

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