Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Word Up!

It's none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.
Ernest Hemingway

So whats the word...the word up!

Sometimes I read blogs and wonder how all these people keep it up. Do they just fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way? I like to maintain my blog where there is information that people can use and where the posts only go to not more than 500 words. Imagine a thousand word post of nothing, uck! Now if it is coherent, that's a different story

My time is precious to me and although I don’t get done the million things I’d like to, I do like to think that my blog is something worthwhile where readers,writers and passers-by enjoy their visit. Whether it is for educating themselves, (tons of links to dip into over to your left) whether it is for the pictures, ( I have tons of those too for the visually unimpaired), or whether you just come for inspiration, (lots of poetry to scan through also.)

A blog is not a showcase like facebook, where you announce you have to go the bathroom, be right back sort of thing. A blog is a tool to illuminate your world. To allow people to peek in your window in a voyeuristic fashion, so you better give that person the best of you (you know, don’t be caught with your hair in disarray?) Or better yet, don’t be caught babbling about nothing or the people might move on to peek into the next window.

In the windowed world of information, I think peeping toms have gone out of fashion. We can all, in the living room or dens of our home, peek into peoples world, and get caught up in the fascination of, doing absolutely nothing. What would Jesus do? I personally think he’d give a ‘shout out’ to all the wandering sheep and give them an enlightening parable so they can see their way into the light, via understanding.

So this is what my blog is all about. Not a joyride through neighboring communities. Its not a playground where we meet and throw sand in each others face. This is a place where words run into punctuation and somehow form a sentence. Thus this is a tool of understanding.

To you my fellow bloggers, live and learn grow and love. To the voyeurs, there is a life out there and it is happening, whether you live it or not! It’s happening people!

Matt.9:13 But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.


Stormcrow said...

Hear, hear!

R said...

I think blogs are all very different. I read all sorts of blogs. Infomational blogs, like yours where I learn all about writing, fun blogs where people post crazy stories they come across, personal blogs where people write about anything and everything. I think there's an audience for just about anything, just like there are tons of different tv shows and all kinds of music, all kinds of books and magazines, so are the blogs. I definitely find myself writing a post about nothing, because I feel like writing, and nothing clear comes to mind. And I love reading blogs about nothing too, because they usually end up cracking me up. Like you said about voyeurism, its fun to peer into others' thoughts, especially in a random way.

Oh, pictures can be great for the visually impaired and blind too, if there are good descriptions. There are several blogs I read where the author posts pictures and either posts a description right underneat, or in an alt tag. Even braille books have image descriptions.

joni said...

So my blog isn't fun? Hmmm...I'll have to change that. ha ha kidding R.
I have to admit I'm not an avid blog reader. I like books and usually they are non-fiction or they have to be really intriguing to grab me.

I love the mind, however, that can write about nothing because it is within that nothingness that something comes out into the light. You know what I mean? We can begin to write about nothing and *poof* there is something there. Now that amazes me. I'm like that with my writing. I'll think I have no story and seventy thousand words later I think, hmmm I have something.woohoo!
What is important here is that we write! Writing is essential to good health and freeing the mind.
Write on!!! That's my motto.

Jnoi (smile)

R said...

Oh dear, did I say your blog isn't fun? Lol of course its fun, or I wouldn't subscribe ;)

I was all paranoid because I had just written a really really long post and then I read this and I thought, oh no, I have over 500 words. And JayNoi hasn't commented in awhile. Oh no. Tee hee!

joni said...

I've been reading your blog! Commenting gets a little tough when I have tons of things to do so I say I'll get back and comment, but whoosh there is another post. You're blog raving mad, woman! LOL
Don't get paranoid, my posts are targeted at all the writers in the world who get lost and need focus. Focus my friend. That's what it is all about, oh and writing right. *smile*
You have a good evening and write on!
Jnoi (gee I can't even spell my name correctly anymore!) LOL

R said...

I hear ya on the comments. I'm on a new email list and man, I get up every day to over 50 emails, some blog comments and some email posts. Its getting quite daunting. I have a feeling things will be changing soon as far as how much time I have my hands, so I'm betting the blogs will slow down. For now yep, I'm addicted ;)