Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday...

The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.
~Stephen Nachmanovitch

I was thinking, Thursday should be a day of thoughtfulness.

Did you read yesterday’s blog? And I bet you got out of the house and did something with your day besides just sit here in front of your screen typing. I sure hope you did get out, because when you get out and move around this is where story ideas come into your thoughts.

I had a real nice long walk down this road out here. I think it goes a half mile to the back of the farm and boy do story ideas pop into my head. Isn’t it funny how we can look at an abandoned old barn, and a story idea pop into your head? Usually I come up with a scary story, I don’t know why, but a creepy farm with stalks of dried up corn reaching out to grab you, and squeaky metal doors clanging off in the distance, leaves and dry brush crunching underfoot. Geez, give me a dark night and a full moon and I’ve got a story!

Then as I watch my dog as she prances miles ahead of us, okay not miles but yards ahead and I think of the crazy thoughts that must be running through her mind and how she is loving the freedom that she has been given out here in Farm Town. Puppy story there, especially as she jumps on the crickets, prowls for animals, stalks the birds in the bushes only to pounce and scare them out of their trees and the squirrels, don’t even get me started on my crazy dog and the squirrels.

Although my son has a tendency to talk the entire time we walk, really I zone out and conjure story ideas in my head. Although, since exploring and a mile walk is part of his physical education, I take this time to just drink in all of the beauty that the good Lord has blessed me with.

Sure there are many pots on the stove and lots of things to think about, stressful things, but I’d much rather delve into the mystery of a story to be told. Thoughts are our best story ideas. They are harmless, most of the time, and they can lead to in-depth characters being born along the way.

Now keep your thoughts pure and you’ll have an inspirational tale to tell. I love a true life testament of faith story, know of any? *wink* Shameless plug here --> (The Drums in the Deep)

Okay now...have a thought-filled Thursday and may it lead you to the nail-biting, teeth-gritting good story that you’ve just been dying to tell! So why are you still here? Get typing!!!



Stormcrow said...

Yes, simple moments like those are what helps us to stay sane in this crazy world.

joni said...

Crazy world? When? Where?
ha ha