Thursday, November 12, 2009

Worthwhile Newsletter?

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M. Scott Peck

Thoughts for Thursday

Well today is going to be a long day. Is it Friday yet? I want this day to be over so I can move on and breathe again and maybe, just maybe, feel normal again. ha ha Me normal?

My thoughts for Thursday are about the writing industry. I receive tons of newsletters from the writing world and sometimes I wonder why I’m even subscribed. They’re chock full of tidbits on the industry, some have markets and some just go on and on.

I can tell you who my favorite Newsletter is from, Hope Clark. She has a website too and dagnammit, it is full of info too! And she doesn’t speak down to a writer, she speaks as if we’re all on the same page of our journey.

Some of the newsletters sound as if they are all speaking to well published authors in the industry. As if everyone has hopped on the publishing train and is going to ride off into the sunset while reading their newsletter on their laptop. Come on people, well published authors are off in some far away tropical location basking in the sun,frying and wrinkling their bodies while waiting for the next check to come in.

The reader who reads the newsletters are people who are still in the learning phases and the hunting for markets phase. Some writers don’t even bother with newletters (egads!) and they just make google their best friend.

My advice for the writer today is this: Peruse those Writing Newsletters. Make the most of them and allow them to become a valuable tool in your inbox. Don’t be inundated with spam, the newsletters are not the spam in the industry, they are the wielding tools in the biz. Remember that.

Funds for Writers ~ an extremely helpful site for the new writer and the old shoe.

Is today over yet?


I’m off to drift through the day like a carpet out of the realm of Aladdin.

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