Friday, January 16, 2009

Computer Woes

We live in an era where we need computers.

At least if you want to be a writer you need the computer. Unless of course if you live in the 18th century. In those days blog wasn’t even a word. Maybe it was but it was a piece of lint in your belly button.

“Ma, I got a blog in my belly-button.”

We’ve been spoiled by this technology and have come to depend on it like a pair of shoes. It is there when we most need it and has come to be a necessity in a writer’s life. The computer AND the shoes.

One might say, “Walk a mile in my shoes.”

I’ve been inundated with computer problems. Logging on and getting knocked off is becoming the norm and I have DSL service. I know we pay a great deal to have this ‘lightning speed’ internet service but what good is it when your computer won’t act the way it is supposed to?

I need my computer to write. I’m active in writing groups and I am thankful for MS Word during my crits because without MS Word I would lose a ton of crits by my ‘time out’ that my computer takes. I didn’t give it a time out, it just takes one when it feels like taking one.

I can use a pen and paper (how archaic is that?) for my writing, but to blog? Well to blog I need to get the lint out of my belly button, I mean my system, so it works for me. Just in case you were wondering why my blog has been showing the same thing over and over and there are no new posts.

I’m searching for a browser that likes formatting and this is a task in and of itself trying to find one that actually likes blogging. I’ve tried Netscape, Flock, Opera and some I can’t even pronounce. None agree with my system. It is like they are at war with one another and each need’s to be center of attention or the other won’t work properly.

So for now I’m using my handy dandy Internet Explorer, and that isn't the greatest either. It has no spell check system (that I’m aware of) and I can’t save passwords to the many sites that I’m active in so my days are filled with re-entering my name with each visit and this tedious task is costing me hours of blogging potential!

I’m practicing patience and the computer is trying my patience. Oh what a web we weave. (ha ha, no pun intended)

Please make use of the many writing links I have on the left to help you in your writing. I will surface back here as soon as I remedy the situation then we can write our hearts out, learn with the tools that we need, and soar to new heights in our careers.

Until then… Bear with me my friends and followers.


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Donna Sundblad said...

Hi Joni,

I use Firefox as my Browser and have for years. Plus I hear Google has a new browser called "Chrome", though I don't really know anything about it. Maybe that can help you get the lint out of your bellybutton.