Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fact vs. Fiction~ The Healing Tool

Fiction vs. Non-fiction ~ The healing tool

It is sometimes hard as a writer to clearly define the fiction from the non-fiction. I’m always finding some truth in my fiction or an insight that I relay from my experience in real life and I gladly hand it over to my fictional character.

In my non-fiction, I’m being open and honest about my (or another’s) real life experience. I want my reader to feel the pain or sorrow and reap the rewards of the hope and joy. They need to grasp the story and somewhat know that they’ve been there, done that also.

Isn’t that what we want from our readers when we write fiction? We want the reader to have the feeling that you are speaking right to them. They relate to what your character is going through, cling to your character like snow to the ground, melting their way into your heart.

Is fiction a stretch from non-fiction? In many ways, I have to say no. We see ourselves in each and every character of fiction or fantasy. We soar with the character through trials and tribulations whether it is a hobbit going on a journey to middle earth (Lord of the Rings) or a young girl flying through the air to save the world as in the Maximum Ride series.

We as readers WANT to relate. We read books because we can relate, and we keep reading them because through reading we are allowing parts of ourselves a healing. The same goes for non-fiction. We read to heal a part of ourselves that maybe we didn’t even know needed healing.

Rest assured we read to fulfill an inner need of release. Whether it is the Holy Bible, a tell-all tale biography, or a fictional piece of work that is far removed from our realities. The healing that takes place through reading is not something I’ve made up, it has been a tool used through centuries to get us through to the next day.

Think about it, how many times have you said to a friend or neighbor, “You know what I read today?” And went on to tell them about an article, a book or some truth that you discovered and wanted to share with them. This is what fiction and non-fiction has done for us as a human species. It is a healing tool that we use and share and will continue to use and share all the way into the next millennium.

There is a defining line between fact and fiction, but it all heals. As with gossip (the untruth that spreads like wildfire) is a harmful tool that eats away at our essence of trying to heal, grow and learn. Know the difference because quite frankly, there IS a difference.

Defining line? Fact =Truth, Fiction = Inner Truth Revealed, Gossip = Bold Faced Lies.

Heal on!

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