Thursday, January 01, 2009

Write From the Heart

Write from the Heart

As promised the New Year is beginning with WRITING! Not just writing but getting all of you back to learning the craft. Thanks for sticking with me through the month of my journey. If you’re still following me, then that means you love writing! Thank you for your patience!

Now my first post of the New Year is about writing from the heart. Often I see writer’s who write words but never put any feeling behind it. They write in a ‘matter-of-fact’ tone and the result is choppy unfeeling writing.

Today is a good time to start your journal. When writing in your journal you write from the heart releasing all your emotions into the tiny little book of secrets. As you begin a story, you are going to begin with the same emotion. You will write from the heart!

I’ve been seeing a lot of choppy dialog too. When writing dialog, your character needs to speak from the heart as much as you need to learn how to write from the heart. By choppy dialogue I mean ‘stilted’, ‘unfeeling’, ‘emotionless’. It is as if robots are speaking to one another. Is this the way you and I talk to one another? I don’t think so. I think that we speak from emotion. Hence, we speak from the heart.

Write it down. Have you ever listened in on a conversation? Not eavesdropped just overheard a conversation? Well try and write with the emotion that the real folks were speaking and let emotion into your writing of dialog.

As you find your voice in writing dialog, you’ll discover your voice in writing from the heart. I don’t want to see brief quick sentences; I want sentences that flow! I want to see some emotion in everyone’s writing.

As we head into our New Year, lets try and get our writing to shine. Let’s work on perfecting and honing the craft we so dearly love and hold close to our heart. What I’m saying here folks, is to write from the heart!

Happy New Year! And may you have a wonderful writing experience that comes right from the center of your being…Write Right…From the heart!


Granny said...

Good advice. I think sometimes we are scared to write from the heart because we don't really want to face whats there. :-)

Your friend always,

Kandace Holbrook said...
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Kandace Holbrook said...

I agree with what Granny said. It is important to not write from the head to reveal how we truly feel. "Write from the Heart" is a great way to start the new year, thank you.

joni said...

Thank you both for visiting this transitional blog.
I say transitional because as I go through the transformation it is reflecting on my blog.

Thanks for all your support!