Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

The Storms We Watch

A thousand miles away I may be
the love of my father sweeps through me.
When storms they pass overhead;
my father and I watched with dread.

We knew the storm held danger within
but we stood there watching thunderheads spin.
I looked up at him with childlike zeal
knowing the lightning’s crash would peal.

Scared as I was I clung to his hip
his arm on my shoulder, I was tight in his grip.
The rain would fall in rapid procession,
we stood amazed, the storm our obsession.

All through life I road many a storm
knowing his love would keep me warm.
I carry his arm wrapped round my shoulder
with every storm as I get older.

I know he’ll love, protect and keep
the storms at bay so I may sleep.
In peace I’ll grow, his strength by my side
for me he’ll always have arms open wide.

Though we don’t see each other too much
you can rest assured I feel his touch.
With every raging storm that goes by,
I’m out there seeing him look in my eye.

A thousand miles away I may be,
The love of my father always sweeps through me!


Granny said...

Good one joni, thanks for sharing!
granny :-)

Raven said...


A very fitting poem for Father's Day.

Thanks Joni.