Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poetry Sunday

I Asked My Soul A Question
I asked my soul a question.
What am I searching for?
Gently holding onto the knob,
It opened up a door.

Cascading tiny showers of love,
Embellished an aching heart.
Agony, ecstasy, shame and sorrow,
Each had there own part.

Strings of light came shining through,
Appearing as a sword.
Strumming sounds of destiny,
Each a blazing chord.

Prisms on the meadow.
My heart now plays a song.
The sword now clutched in my hand.
I know where I belong.

I asked my soul a question.
I found what I came for.
Gently holding onto the knob.
It closed the open door.


Jackie said...

Joni, are you the author of the poetry that you post?

Your blog is so inspiring.


joni said...

Thanks Jackie,

Yes I'm the author of all the poetry I post. :-) If it were someone elses work, I would surely note it out of respect for the writer.

I am a Dickinson, Poe, Frost fan. I've been writing poetry for what seems all of my life, and I just can't stop. lol

Thanks for reading and enjoying. It gives me great pleasure when someone finds my work inspirational.

Thank you,

Raven said...

Yes, This is particularly inspiring. I love it!

You been missing me? I've been working on some other projects that have kept me away from home.

I'll be back more often as the work load lightens up.

In the meantime, keep writing and I'll keeping stopping by for my
dose of Jonisms.