Monday, July 05, 2010

Ho Hum Monday...

Well my friends it is Monday again. It seems like it was just Monday the other day. Maybe all days are beginning to feel like Monday. Oh dear. Ho hum...

This weekend was our (I say our, as in America’s) Fourth of July, Independence Day. That means cookouts and fireworks!!! We didn’t have any cookouts to attend, but we did go to Bobbi’s for some fireworks. Her kids just love putting on a show of spectacular fireworks and I have to admit, they did a great job. The rest of the country remembers our FREEDOM and Independence on this day.

We didn’t get home until the wee hours of the AM, about 12 am. I have trouble driving on these dark roads with blinding headlights and swerves and curves, so it took me longer than normal to just ‘drive home’. But it was a fun evening, for me and Adam.

I imagine my beau had a nice time. I can’t imagine being blind and hearing all that commotion, loud noise and popping sounds without being able to see the arcs of the brilliant light showering down. Ho hum...

There is something I look forward to this week and that is the beginning of F2K. It always gives me a sense of purpose, running around the halls, helping people along in their writing endeavors. I love helping people and most of all, I love teaching people something new and answering questions. There’s not much that I look forward to, but this is something I look forward to four times a year.

I’m going to put my writing on hold for a while. Don’t know if that means my blog or not, but I’ll keep on writing my poetry. Why am I putting my writing on hold? Well, sometimes in life, things happen and we just have to do what we have to do, and I have to prepare my son for school.

You see, he’s been home schooled all these years and now he wants to go, and really it is quite a necessity in the money department. I need a job so he can get new clothes, books, shoes, and tools, and everything that a real school entails! Home school has always been frowned upon. I hear, “It’s nice, if you can AFFORD it.” or “Wouldn’t he be better in a school doing ‘normal’ things that kids do?” and so many other demeaning, hurtful comments.

Yes, I’m proud that all you parents did such an exemplary job in sending your kids to school and showed the world how great a parent you are. I hope all your kids grew up and turned out to be all that you expected them to be. Me, I expect nothing from my son. If he succeeds in life, great. If he fails, I’ll be there to catch him. It’s what mother’s do, I think. It’s called support your child? Home schooled or Schooled, we all are the same, we’re mother’s.

Writing for an hour here and there is just not cutting it for me. I need to expand, grow as a woman, and be a ‘real’ mother. Ho hum...

Have a sun-filled Monday and hang in has a way of taking the hum out of the hoe. lol


June said...

Joni -- Best wishes in getting your son ready for the world of public school.

Most of the teens I worked with in the local young writers group were home schooled and I was impressed with their education compared to kids I know who go to public school.

I hope you've prepared your son for school food - ICK!!!!

joni said...

I think I've prepared him for the world, now I just have to let him go out in it and hope for the best. ;)

I do have my apprehensions, but they'll subside when he comes home and says what a GREAT day he's had.

And maybe the school food will keep him from eating so much! lol. :)

He's a good kid.

M. SUE said...

Joni~We've met recently enough that only today have I become aware of your having been a homeschool mom. Congratulations to you and Adam! As a proud grandmother of 7, five of whom who have been homeschooled (some still in the process)I suspect Adam will come home one day soon with a teacher-contract in hand! Does it sound like I have found that homeschooling is fantastic? The ones who are now going into their third years of college are continuing to excel with no acceptance issues.
I'm looking forward to sharing the F2K Halls soon.

joni said...

Hi Sue,

I've written only briefly about my home schooling and I have received more GOOD than bad about home schooling.
Raven who posts here some time? She did HS and has all good things to say!

I think really it might be the over achiever's who want the same for their kids? I dunno. But I always said, It is ADAM's choice, never mine.

Gee, I get blasted for THAT too. Allowing HIM to make his OWN decisions! lol

Thanks for your support!

See you in class!!! :D

Ro said...

I think it's great that you're allowing him to make his own decision. In this day and age, I'm a big supporter of home school and I think if I had kids, that's what I'd want too. I think for me it goes along with not wanting them exposed to "those kids". But I think your son has a very strong foundation, and going to school later will probably help him to stay true to who he is.

I haven't written a lick since F2K ended. Don't ask me why. I just posted a link to an incredible blog post and I think she had to have taken F2K hahaha!

joni said...

HEYYY RO!!! *big smile*

When I began home schooling that was the very reason, so as not to have Adam turn out like these kids out here in the world.
Granted, I know of many kids who have went on to become great thing, but I didn't have that confidence in my society.

He's got a good head on his shoulders, and now my work is basically done, I'll put him in God's hands. (He'll probably do a better job.)

And you'd be surprised who comes out of F2K. It's a small world. :)

Great reading ya! :)