Monday, April 16, 2012

FREE! Audiobook Giveaway

I have a lot of writer friends and as such, I KNOW they are all avid readers/listeners also. I also know how people are when something for FREE shows up, they stand up, run and grab themselves one if they can get at it quick enough.

Well as most of you know, my beau runs a successful audiobook review blog. He may not be loaded up in the follower department, but he knows his business. He was once blind, a determined man, that is when he began the site, but recently (October 10,2011) he had a cornea transplant which restored some of his vision and he turned a so so (bleh) blog, into a pretty awesome (YEAH!) blog.

He’s affiliated with MANY publishers who send out audiobooks for him to review and he has gotten quite an arsenal of good reads that he, even if he listens to three a day, cannot get through them all.

So he started his once a month audiobook giveaway, which is just what it says, a FREE audiobook giveaway. How he chooses which book goes up for grabs is beyond me, but as he goes into his fourth successful book giveaway, I deem it a success. Here’s how it works: you comment on his book giveaway, LEAVE AN EMAIL where to reach you, and that’s it. Wait for the end of the month, and one lucky commentator will walk away with the audiobook in hand, FREE of charge.

The deciding part. How does he choose one person? Well that is simple, he waves his magic wand, no no I’m kidding, he has within his bag of tricks many-sided die. Yup an eight sided dice? (Old Dungeons and Dragons game, don’t ask) lol He tells me how many people have responded CORRECTLY and *I* use the die and roll. Easy peasy, quick and easy!

I say responded correctly because many don’t leave an email address and Stormcrow has a way to go around spam bots like writing, audiobook-heaven at gmail dot com (your email address there) See? He can put it together and email the winner but he is no detective, where if you leave no email, he can’t hunt you down via the masses of people on the internet. So please, in the giveaway, PLEASE leave an email address or you become disqualified for the freebie.

And there’s more. Believe it or not, one of his publisher friends at Griffyn Ink is offering a FREE audio giveaway too. They approached him, asked if he would give away their book and as the good guy that he is, he obliged. Same rules apply! Leave a comment and an email address!

From Audiobook-heaven: “That’s right, we’re giving away one copy of each A J Scudiere audiobook listed. If you have a preference as to which one you’d like to win, please note that in your comment and we’ll do our best to oblige but there are no guarantees. The three audiobooks will be given away in MP3-USB flash drive form.”

So there you have it writing friends. Free! Free! Free! Now have at it, as my gift to YOU! :D


Stormcrow said...

Abracadabra! *poof*

Thanks for the shout-out baby!

joni said...

Well, shouting out is some of what I do best! :P