Sunday, June 03, 2012

Poetry Sunday ~ The Storm

The Storm

Thunderheads mount the darkened sky
Rolling clouds pass on by.
Lightning rips right on through
Searing with an emblazoned hue.

The earth it rumbles underneath
stirring trouble in the heath.
The land is desolate and bare,
it washes over without a care.

Biting trees like sharks to blood
hitting the ground with a loud thud
Can you hear the brisk winds howl?
The mask of clouds they form a scowl.

Safely tucked and hidden away,
no words will come for me to say.
I feel the presence hanging low
As the booming sounds move to and fro.

I’m in the arms of God above
cradled in His warmth and love
To those who earth has left no home
here in Heaven I’m free to roam!

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