Sunday, October 14, 2012

Poetry Sunday ~ The Blind Shall See

Pss. 100:5 For the LORD is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

The Blind Shall See
Walking in darkness for three years passed
Gave rise to tension that had amassed.
Day after day guided by hands
Taking it slow as each morn commands.

Week after week our waiting was pained
The miracle would come; our bodies drained.
Visit upon visit to doctors we went
Until one was perfectly heavenly sent.

The cornea was ready; the day had arrived
Our hope renewed and now revived.
I anxiously waited for eight long hours
For things to be perfect like rainbow showers!

We patiently waited with the bandage intact;
For the glorious reveal of the eyesight impact.
It felt like a miracle as the Virgin Birth
He looked at life from newfound worth.

The family was eager and who wouldn’t be?
A blind man was given the blessing to see.
An infection crept in we bowed to pray
Our family, our Church made all fear allay.

Amazing thing, this circle of prayer
You could feel it ignite our very air.
It lifted us up and carried us through
Much of the things we were too weak to do.

The healing came in a manner of Grace
And left us standing with smiles on our face.
The year passed by in a state of wonder,
He got to see lightning dance softly with thunder.

A summer of gardening, a license renewal,
He held a new soul like a mystic jewel.
A job soon followed; now full of life
Our journey begins with new fangled strife.

Keeping stern faith is what got us through
Our lives are refreshed; we’re starting anew.
We walk with the Spirit of our dearest friend.
Our Lord and Savior, to the very end!
On Oct. 10th Steven celebrated one 
year of being among the sighted once again. 
Journey on.


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