Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Pss.102: 7  I watch, and am as a sparrow alone upon the house top.

As you all know, or should if you read my blog often enough, I live out in the middle of nowhere. I am in a writers haven; a dream locale with an isolation factor that writers can only dream about living.

Sometimes it’s too isolated leaving me alone with my thoughts; dangerous by all means, my thoughts and me. You would have thought that three days with no internet I would have gotten a lot of writing done but no, didn’t write one thing! I was too worried about if I’d ever connect with the outside world again to want to write.

I live out here on a zillion acre (exaggeration) run down, closed down turkey ranch. To the north of me I have a neighbor who works nights and sleeps days. To the south of me, behind a huge ‘mill’ and shed, I have another neighbor that lives in a trailer. I never see any of them much but I know they’re there.

To the east of me I see a rolling cornfield (what did you expect, it’s Nebraska). In the winter they’ll bring in cows to mow and fertilize the field for next season. To the west of me, you guessed it, another thousand acres of cornfield!

I grew up in Baltimore city and lived in Texas for six years and everything in the city is at your fingertips. The assessable means of living spoil you. If you want a soda (called pop out here in the mid-west) you could run right down the street and grab one. Here, you better have one in the fridge or your plum outta luck, a twenty-mile trek for sure.

How did people out here ever survive, I ask myself? Very humbly, I must say. I have learned why they call this ‘the bible-belt’ that’s for sure. They have nothing but God, His land, corn, His blessing, and football, God’s choice of sport? Wink wink Husker fans!

Living in the middle of nowhere has really taught me a lot about priorities in life. Living in isolation without the internet taught me a few things also. As Adam was grumping all over the place, beau moped even during football, and me, I just played chess to take my mind to a safe calm place. Not that I wasn’t feeling irritable; I just chose to wrap myself in a warm blanket called chess to keep me comforted.

When the internet came back on, Adam had an epiphany, “Now I know why there was no internet, we needed a break, all three of us!” I went on to explain that is what fasting does for the soul, the same feeling he had from no communication with the outside world; the time of reflection, is the exact feeling you get when you fast. He had never understood fasting and me but this weekend he had a light bulb moment!

What message will you walk away with today? Isolation deepens your spiritual journey! It awakens everything in you that sleeps. It carries you on a joyful hayride. Sure there’s the manure lingering, but when you get off the ride, you feel refreshed; cleansed.

Welcome October! Message received!

“Solitude is a chosen separation for refining your soul. Isolation is what you crave when you neglect the first.”
~ Wayne Cordeiro


Tiggs said...

I haven't done a true fast of anything in a long time. I remember that at my old church (When I lived in Fremont) we were encouraged once a year to do a 30 day fast of our choice (Obviously with prayer--"God's Choice") One year, my 3 boys chose no music (which of course became a fast for me, since I home schooled and we were nearly always together).

That was the LONGEST month! I ALWAYS had music on around me--usually some type of Christian music, but music.

I need to get back to fasting and praying (I do pray--but,as you know, there is a difference when you are fasting and praying). And MORE than once a year.

I am glad it helped Adam understand--there is nothing like experiencing something to help understand a concept.

I am always amaze at what things God chooses to get our attention and teach us something--and what we think are little things-turn out to be big things in our lives that we take for granted--Like internet.

Sometimes we wish we could live in what we call "the middle of nowhere" like you do, but we also know that we are very spoiled living in cities all our lives. We are actually looking for something in the middle.

Thanks for the reminders!

joni said...

Five years ago I did what our church called a Daniel fast? 40 days of zero meat.
Like I said I don't eat much meat, but the 40 days showed me I ate more than I thought. It was a long 40 days and I loved what I gained from the fast and I do a fast every year.

This no internet, was a God imposed fast that was more richly rewarding than any fast I've done. I may do it again one day. :)

I think we all got something out of it and that's a good thing.

The move to Nebraska was kinda like a fast. lol I missed city living but not so much now. :)

I'll take peace and humbleness over noise and clutter any ol day!


Debbie Seko said...

Great post thanks for sharing. It's funny how God teaches us things if we only look and realize it is Him speaking. As soon as my work term is over I may try the no internet fast myself...only down fall is it would me no connection with my daughter and kids...but I suppose that would make it that much more of a sacrifice.
((hugs)) keep on writing!

joni said...

Hi Deb!

The fast doesn't need to be the internet or food for that matter, it's something we obsess over and are addicted to, get rid of it for a few days and it's surprising what God unveils. (sometimes a few days is enough, sometimes it's not)

No internet was tough for my addicted family but I think it is what we needed.

I'm glad we all got something out of it. Praise God!

Be blessed in all you do!


benning said...

So an Internet Fast, eh? Good! :D

joni said...

Whatever works to get one to open their eyes.

Yup, an internet fast worked in this household. :D